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Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Getting Giraffe to run your social media marketing will save you time and ultimately ensure you are maximising your business’ online potential. We are renowned for our lightning fast Twitter and Facebook growth.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

How much more business would you earn if you were considered an industry leader?  Creating consistent and interesting content will gain you the trust of your audience and the Google Gods.

Content Driven Social Media

Content Driven Social Media

This is our ultimate package. The combination of our expert social media management and content marketing provides fantastic and proven results. Take your digital marketing to the next level!



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Client Testimonial

Giraffe have achieved the results I wanted, and more. I would recommend them to anyone.

- Zee Shah, BBC Apprentice Candidate 2013 and CEO of One Investments


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SM Expert Support
from £59.00
  • Expert Analysis & Advice
  • Extensive Monthly Reports
  • Weekly Email Support
  • Rapid Social Growth
  • Affordable Expertise
SM Management
from £285.00
  • Expertly Crafted Posts
  • Customer Creating Interaction
  • Guaranteed Social Growth
  • ROI Revealing Monthly Reports
  • Personal Social Media Manager
Content Marketing
from £225.00
  • Dedicated Campaign Manager
  • In-House Journalists & Copywriters
  • Advice on Website Blog Integration
  • News & Evergreen Content
  • SEO Optimised
Content Driven SM
from £510.00
  • The Ultimate Package
  • Expert SM PPC
  • Expert SM Management
  • Expert Content Marketing
  • Organic Google Rank Benefits

Client Testimonial

Giraffe have been dynamic and vibrant in helping my store...

- Sony Portsmouth


The Giraffe Method

Our Holistic Approach To Digital Marketing

The Giraffe Approach

The Giraffe Method Explained...

There are many stages in the digital marketing funnel. If online success is fundamental in your business you must execute each one perfectly. Your digital marketing is only as good as its weakest stage! Click stage to expand the detail...

This is the stage where you initially reach out and attract potential customers. There are many ways to attract attention to your products and services online, the most useful are: Social Media, PPC and SEO. The more you do in this stage the wider the top of the funnel becomes and the more people you will be able to reach online. The goal of this stage is to direct traffic to your content or website.

Gain Trust
This is the stage where you demonstrate that you are an expert in your field and earn the trust of the customer. Having interesting and consistent content will give you plenty to post about on social media and will do wonders for your SEO. This is achieved by having an active blog integrated into your website. If you bypass this stage, the traffic you drive to your site from social media, SEO or PPC will be less likely to convert into sales. The goal of this stage is to build the trust of your potential customer.

Provide Solutions
This is the final stage in the digital marketing process. Your website is your selling tool and you need to offer the solutions to your customer's problems. The website needs to be beautifully presented and make it easy for your customer to contact you or purchase your product or service. The goal of this stage is to generate leads or purchases.

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Our Partners

"Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity." – Khalil Gibran

Giraffe have provided valuable support to GCF and our activities aimed at securing a future for all giraffe populations.

- Stephanie Fennessy, Giraffe Conservation Foundation.

Our eBooks

Want to tackle your social media from the comfort of your own home?


'The Social Media Detox' - eBook (2014)

    • Everything you need to know to dramatically increase the brand visibility, sales and web traffic of your business.
    • The fail-proof step-by-step guide for beginners and intermediates, that makes social media success, easy.
    • Packed full of the amazing tips that make the difference and get you the results you desire.

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A small selection of the awesome people we've worked with.

Our Company Promise

Not as strong as a pinky promise, but still pretty important...

We promise to treat every business we work with as if it were our own and to provide awesome value for money.

- The Giraffe Team

About Giraffe

Learn what's behind the spots of the Giraffe team.

Giraffe Social Media is one of the fastest growing digital marketing agencies in the country. Founded in 2012 by Kane Lodge and Phil Treagus, the company has huge ambitions and is on a one-way mission to becoming the biggest, best and most fun agency in the country. In our first two years we have worked with BBC Apprentice candidates, multi-million pound companies from all around the world as well as small local businesses. On top of this, we have also spent time in China training top business executives including employees from Alibaba.
All of this has lead to us being ranked as a top 10 Social Media Agency in the UK, and we have no intention of slowing down. If you hadn’t already noticed, we are people people, which is why our team has been handpicked with patience and care to ensure that they innately share our company values as well as offer unrivalled expertise. We pride ourselves on treating each of our clients as real people, who have dreams, goals and aspirations. Too many agencies lose that personal touch as they expand, but we are the exception. Your success is our success.

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Our Company Values

The values that inspire everything we do

Stimulate Evolution, Create Success, Protect Individuality, Encourage Fun, and Promote Team-Working.

- The Giraffe Team

Our Team

"Great things in business are never done by one person, they're done by a team of people." - Steve Jobs

Kane Lodge

Managing Director

Kane's primary focus is Finance and Operations Management, that's when he isn't watching clips from The Office on YouTube anyway.

Phil Treagus

Managing Director

Phil's main focus is Human Resource and Sales Management, after he has finished looking at the new office chameleon that is.

Stuart Ralph

Director of Corporate Social Responsibility

Stu is our CSR guru, his Masters in Digital Marketing and passion for the triple bottom line makes him an indispensable part of the team.

Jerri Cook

Sales Executive

Jerri is the solution developing wizard, she is always on hand to help develop you the perfect strategy to achieve your dream results. So what are you waiting for, get in touch.

Matt Barker

Social Media Manager

Matthew is our journalism genius, his degree in the subject and his passion for writing is only matched by his love of social media.

Naomi Couper

Social Media Manager

Naomi is a fantastically gifted writer; her passion for social media and writing is only matched by her obsession with Jonathan Creek.

Dani Bottell

Social Media Manager

Dani lives and breathes journalism, what this girl doesn't know isn't worth knowing, she's also a huge fan of Ed Sheeran.

Kreete Pruul

Social Media Manager

Kreete's Masters in Digital Marketing and her passion for all things social media makes her an integral part of the team. In her spare time she loves to walk her dogs.

Matt Clifton

Blog Manager

Matt is our content manager, passionate about social media and getting blogs out there for our followers to read, he enjoys business, management and cooking.

Blog Team Members

We also have 18 super talented blog team members from a broad spectrum of backgrounds including: marketing, journalism, media, PR and lots more!

Alice K

Customer Support Agent

Alice is on hand to guide you through our website and answer any questions you may have, she is also a huge cat lover.

Our Skills

"Modesty is a vastly overrated virtue." - John Kenneth Galbraith

  • Social Media Management100%
  • Content Marketing100%
  • PPC100%
  • Coffee Drinking100%
  • SEO90%
  • Email Marketing90%
  • Web Design90%

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