10 Worst Things About Facebook

Facebook has over a billion users and is hot topic the world over. But most importantly it gives us something to moan about other than the weather.  Here is a tongue-in-cheek look at the worst bits about Facebook.

Facebook Chat

In theory Facebook Chat is a free instant messaging tool to keep you in touch with friends privately and conveniently. Yeah when it works! It’s up and down more than the Grand Old Duke of York! It also turns out Facebook Chat is where PacMan has been hiding.

Bad Spelling and Grammar

Don’t use big words if you don’t know how to spell them! There is no ‘a’ in definitely, its spelt weird not wierd also lose and loose have quite different meanings!

Pouty Profile Pictures

I am sorry to say this girls but we are the main culprits for this one! What is the need for pulling a duck face in the bathroom mirror and shooting a selfie? It’s almost as annoying as the hand on hip pose, smile you look so much prettier when you smile.

Incessant Likers

As much as you have to admire their sunny optimism and lets face it no one likes a naked status. Do people really need to like everything on Facebook? Clogging up our news feeds with all the random things they have liked. Who cares if Sam likes kittens? Don’t we all? These unrelenting likers are usually guilty of the ‘ratification’ like too, Sam likes that Joe likes Chocolate Spread.

Game Requests

Look, it doesn’t matter how many Candy Crush requests you send me I don’t want to play. Besides I remember how many hours of my life I lost to Song Pop!

Friend Suggestions

It took me a while to jump on the Facebook bandwagon. I had been in fear I would openly provoke all the people, which I had desperately tried to avoid since school. Chances are if we have 43 mutual friends there is a good reason why we no longer speak.

Advice Givers

So you’ve put something out there on your wall. Why is it the first person to give you advice is the one person you would never take advice from? Besides the question was obviously non rhetorical ‘Why am I so useless?’

Cringe-Worthy Rants

We should all follow the NO social media after alcohol rule! Midnight confessions and tirades only lead to one thing…. embarrassing, demeaning and uncomfortable groveling the next day! We got who you were talking about and I suspect they did too.

The Status Takeover

You start a conversation then two people decide to go off topic. Without deleting your own status you are bombarded with notifications for the next hour (even longer if ‘Incessant Likers’ are involved).  The worst-case scenario here is if the culprits are flirting.

Birthday Notifications

AWKWARD! If Facebook has to tell you it is somebody’s Birthday they aren’t ‘friend’ friends. Also you then have the burden of your conscience that will eventually pressure you into leaving an insincere Happy Birthday message.

By Content Assistant, Emma Wyatt



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