Our Team

"Great things in business are never done by one person, they're done by a team of people." - Steve Jobs

Kane Lodge

Managing Director

Kane is our operational guru whose expert technical knowledge and attention to detail allows Giraffe to work effectively and efficiently.

Phil Treagus

Managing Director

Phil is an entrepreneur and self proclaimed book nerd whose passion and work ethic has helped grow Giraffe into what it is today.

Samuel Faulkner

Senior Social Media Manager

Sam is a video game and wrestling junkie whose background in tech journalism has given him an expert grasp of the digital landscape.

Ryan Eberhardt

Business Development Manager

Ryan is the resident music producer, who uses his experience developing business to create winning strategies for clients.

Naomi Couper

Social Advertising Manager

Naomi is a social advertising expert and dinosaur enthusiast with a speciality in maximising results from our client’s advertising.

Mark Gandey

Content Marketing Manager

Mark is the resident comedian, whose experience on the stage has given him an adept proficiency for breathing life into his content writing.

Jessica Newman

Social Media Manager

Jessica is a film buff with a passion for all things media, keeping her at the forefront of the latest social media trends and dog gifs.

Sheleena Cameron

Social Media Manager

Sheleena is an incredibly gifted writer who is passionate about constructing awesome strategies and sparking awesome results for her client base.

Nat Libby

Social Media Manager

Natalie is an adrenaline junkie and sustainable living crusader with an unquenchable thirst for digital marketing expertise.

Laura Jensen

Social Media Manager

Laura is a bibliophile and TV buff with outstanding social media skills fuelled by her English degree and passion for people.

Joaquin Lopez

Social Media Manager

Joaquin is an 80s-obsessed sci fi nerd with top notch social media skills fuelled equally by an English degree and pie.

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