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Do you Know Why Adrian Grenier is Awesome?

We’re going to have start trying to head to SXSW I think, because yet again – it is our man Brian Solis who sat down with Adrian Grenier and chatted about the creative projects he is involved in.

If you didn’t know, Kane and I are mahoosive fans of the hit US TV show, ‘Entourage’. Grenier is arguably the star of that show, as the narrative is centered around his life as a movie star in Hollywood. What we didn’t realise is that when he isn’t being Vinny Chase on Entourage, Adrian is a guy with his fingers in a lot of start-up pies. He’s been involved with SHFT and Fansnaps.

Anyways, the purpose of this is that Adrian is doing some great things in music, he setup what he refers to as the music incubator – where he brings together good bands and get them to bounce off each other and use their networks of fans to promote each other. It’s a beautiful idea, that appears to be working well.

The idea is a perfect demonstration of the world we live in today.  Everyone is connected and we are wanting to share more and more to help each other. I personally love it, and I think to see actors with the wider reach that they have, implementing practices like these Рit sets such a great example for others to follow.

Oh, and if you haven’t – watch Entourage.

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