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Apple iWatch: Will it exist?

iwatchThe mention of an ‘iWatch’ immediately takes me (and probably most of my generation) back to the Spy Kids films, where only such wearable technology would be seen. But now it seems an iWatch could be the next big thing thanks to the giants of technology, Apple. Saying this, there are already smart watches on the market from Sony and Samsung, but it seems Apple’s product is unsurprisingly more of a hot topic.

You may have heard the name iWatch flying around recently but haven’t actually seen the real thing. This is because at the moment all it is is a rumour. Earlier this year, The New York Times and Wall Street Journal reported that Apple had started work on an iWatch, a few months later Apple filed an application for an iWatch trademark and so the rumours were born.

Now we’re nearly in 2014 and still there is yet to be an iWatch in stores, so when will it be here? Is it even real? What will it include? The majority of rumours have been based around the appearance of the watch. It’s been heard that Apple have been playing with the idea of experimenting with wrist-watch like devices made of curved glass with a flexible plastic screen. This, again, will take my generation back ten years to the image of slap style bands, making it easy for the wrist wear to curve into the shape of the owner’s wrist. The most recent gossip about the design is that Apple will produce two styles of the iWatch – one for men and one for women. Producing a smaller screen for women to give the watch a more feminine look, although it has already been mentioned that the size of the iWatch screen will be 1.5 inches.

But what the world of technology will want to know is what features the iWatch will include. Will our old friend Siri be available through the watch? Will it receive text messages like a phone? Or play music like an iPod? One rumour is that it will be health focused. Even more speculation was created when Apple patented a wireless Wi-Fi device using Bluetooth to share another device’s network connection; this suggests that the iWatch could connect to your other Apple devices, importing messages and notifications all onto your watch.

Another big area of talk is the battery life. Apple isn’t exactly known for its long-lasting battery on products – an iPhone sometimes doesn’t even last a day. Samsung’s attempt at a smart watch wasn’t greatly successful, and this was partly down to the short battery life, so Apple will have to beat this. Word on the street is that the iWatch will have an 100mAh battery, made to last and be wirelessly charged from up to one meter away.

The ever-changing date of release currently stands as October 2014, just in time for Christmas presents, but how much will the fashion gadget cost? Online talk suggests around £100-£150 surprisingly cheap for an Apple product, which makes me think will it actually do much if an iPhone costs around £500.

With so many unanswered questions and new rumours everyday all we can do is wait. I’m predicting that this time in two years an iWatch will be the normal accessory for everyone to have. Although other companies have already produced smart watches and Apple seems far behind, they will most likely produce a giant gadget, compared to rival companies, making it worth the wait.

By Content Assistant – Alice Hughes – @aliceeehughes

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