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Should The Future Of The Internet Belong To The Highest Bidder?


There’s something unsettling happening in America right now. No, it isn’t The Kardashians relentless popularity and world dominance, nor is it the latest Amanda Bynes Twitter meltdown. It’s something that has the potential to affect us all and harm what’s most important to us. Our Internet.

Cable and telecoms companies are pushing for the ability to create Internet ‘fast lanes’ for high volume customers (those who use sites such as Netflix for example) that take up a lot of bandwidth. This may not seem like such a bad idea on the surface, but when you delve a little deeper, there are many problems that come with opening up the Internet in this manner – and what’s more, this is something that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) had previously embraced as something positive. That’s until the news went viral that is.

Now, the FCC is there to preserve an equal Internet, one that regulates all interstate and international communications by television, satellite cable etc.  so you’d think that by agreeing to this idea, it would stand against everything that they value, right? Think again….

By allowing cable and telecom companies to get their way, this would create an Internet for the haves and the have-nots. Undoubtedly an element to online innovation that nobody wants – apart from the service providers themselves that is. That’s because these providers would charge technology companies like YouTube for access to this lane. YouTube would then be forced to pay the premium in order to continue sharing quality video and content at high speeds to users. If it didn't pay, users would only be able to stream slow, constantly buffering videos.

The idea of the Internet is to create a place where people can connect on level that can transcend both geographical and cultural barriers. However, the way the Internet works right now is changing, for the worse. We must not let internet service providers pick who gets a fast-lane connection and at what price. If we do, there's nothing to stop this spiraling out of control.

For businesses and websites that thrived and were successful because of the quality of their product, would (if these regulations were implemented) suffer because instead of the value they provide consumers and customers, it would be down to who can afford to pay off the biggest service providers. This would be a backwards step and would completely go against the democratic system we currently have in place.

President Obama has remained defiant and has emphasised his stance on net neutrality – and rightly so. He recently stated, “The time has come for the FCC to recognize that broadband service is of the same importance and must carry the same obligations as so many of the other vital services do.” The good news is that the FCC’s proposal is just that – a proposal, so there is still time to change it and to convince them to create net neutrality rules that prevent paid prioritisation. Let’s just hope they see sense after this setback and do what’s best for the good of every Internet user on this planet.

Is Instagram Right For Your Business?

Instagram Business

How do you understand an enigma like Instagram? While selfies, belfies and food porn may dominate some Instagram pages, that’s not all the app can be reduced too. The image based social networking site rose to prominence in 2010 and experienced such rapid growth and popularity that Facebook purchased them two years later for a cool $1 billion (didn’t they know they could download it for free?) Yes, with roughly 60 million photos that are shared on Instagram daily, it’s a place crammed full of engaged users, but is it a place where your business should be operating?

While many businesses are finding it an increasing struggle to get their message heard within these crowded social media platforms, (the facts are that 700 YouTube videos are shared on Twitter every minute with Facebook users uploading 350 million photos a day) it is beyond doubt that the value of visual content is increasing all the time and this is reflected in the emergence of visual apps such as Instagram.

Now, in order to have an awesome online presence, the first step in any successful social media marketing strategy is to build a foundation. It’s important to research and to discover the photos that people share related to your business or industry. Are your competitors already on there? If so, what are they doing and what kind of engagement are they getting? Can you go one better and do something that they’re not? This needs to be considered before you jump straight in and start posting.

The next thing to consider is what your Instagram objectives are. You’ve already established that this is where your audience is, now you must determine what exactly you’d like to achieve. Instagram is brilliant for creating brand awareness and generating engagement and if you do this successfully then you’ll build a truly engaged community that will interact with you every step of your journey.

Now trust us, although it’s easy to get caught up looking at all the pretty pictures and testing your hand at using a range of wonderful, arty filters, there’s a lot more to the platform than just solely pictures. In this respect it’s like many other social media networks in the fact it’s about being social and networking. Above all else, the platform was designed to help people meet new people and then to build relationships. It allows interaction to occur between like-minded people that can create new customers as a result.

Instagram offers an excellent opportunity for brands to diversify and really broaden their reach in an entirely new scope. Ultimately, it enables your followers to gain an inside perspective about your business to stimulate a deeper connection. If you’re not on Instagram yet, it’s really time to sit down and have a re-think because if you fail to keep up with modern marketing, you’re going to get left behind.

10 Funny Pun Memes You Need In Your Life Right Now

A pun: a joke exploiting the different possible meanings of a word. Here at Giraffe, a day doesn’t go by without at least one pun making its way into conversation. From the silly to the downright cringey, you cannot deny these will make you smile!

1. This job isn't for everyone. But hay... it's in my jeans.


2. I really like taking these trips. They help remind me that I'm in control of my life. A remote island.

Remote Island

3. Christian Bale.

Christian Bale

4. Is this real life or is this just Fanta sea?

Fanta Sea

5. I'll be out in a moment, I'm bearly dressed.

Bearly Dressed

6. Go shawty, it's sherbet day.

Sherbert Day

7. Chocolate milk shake.

Chocolate Milk Shake

8. The night I lost control.

Lost Control

9. Daniel Boringcliffe. Daniell Radcliffe.

Daniel Radcliffe

10. Stop making me laugh, you'll make me puma pants.

Puma Pants

Puns, puns and more puns, we really do love them! Have you seen one that we haven’t? Be sure to send them through and we’ll cast our expert eye. Remember, the punnier the better.

Halloween: 3 Scarily Bad Social Media Campaigns

As we all know by now, social media is truly awesome. Can you remember any other time in history when businesses would have been able to reach out and regularly engage this many potential brand advocates and new customers as quickly as we are able to today? We can’t! So to mark Halloween, we thought it would be rather fun to remember some of the social media campaigns that DIDN’T quite go to plan and left their company a little red in the face. Here are 5 scarily bad social media campaigns that give us the creeps just thinking about:

1. NYPD – Police Backlash


Remember this one? The New York Police Department’s Twitter campaign is now infamous in the world of social media marketing. What they did is encourage users on the platform to tweet their experiences of the police and different members using the hashtag #myNYPD. What could go wrong? Well it turns out rather a lot, because ‘the po po’ over in the big apple isn’t held in such high esteem with folk on Twitter – cue mass backlash. Rather than the light-hearted, good-natured photos the police were expecting, instead they were greeted with images displaying rather distressing scenes of police brutality. We’re guessing they won’t be rushing in to their next campaign in a hurry.

2. McDonalds’ McFail


Now not all multi-billion pound companies are great on social media, but when it comes to digital marketing campaigns, McDonalds have got a pretty impressive track record. However, back in 2011 the fast food company attempted to engage its customers by asking them to share stories about eating at McDonalds using the hashtag #McDStories. A great campaign idea from the offset, we’re sure you’ll agree. But what McDonalds didn’t expect was the barrage of grief they received detailing everything from shocking customer service, substandard food as well as the companies lack of cleanliness. Now that is terrifying.

3. Kellogg’s – Tweets in exchange for food for the starving


As disasters go, it couldn’t get much worse than what Kellogg’s tweeted back in November of 2013. Somebody from the cereal manufacturer thought it would be a good idea to post 1 RT = 1 breakfast for a vulnerable child as part of its ‘Give a Child Breakfast campaign’. As expected, the message was immediately attacked for cynically trying to squeeze advertising from starving children. Not a clever move guys. To be fair to them, Kellogg’s deleted the tweet soon after and gave funding to school breakfast clubs in vulnerable areas to compensate.

Social media can be a wonderful tool to raise brand awareness but in the wrong hands, or at the wrong time, it can be detrimental to your business. Great social media management is about so much more than just getting your campaigns away; you should aim to enrich your users timelines with topical, current and relevant content to engage with any many people as possible and give you the best chance of achieving your online objectives.

Having said that, we hope we haven’t scared you too much and instead this article has inspired you to create a campaign that makes it in to next year’s piece - 3 scarily good social media campaigns.

Happy Halloween everybody!

10 Social Media Developments That Will Go Down In History

Giraffe Car

Social media is now such an intrinsic part of our daily lives, it’s sometimes hard to imagine a time before its existence. So for all of our younger followers out there, as well as those who are a little long in the tooth and would like to be reminded, here’s 10 (of many) events that have got us to where we are today…

1. Email Send-sation 

Emailing today is such an integral part of how business is conducted; it’s hard to believe the first email was only sent back on 1971. What was sent exactly, nobody really knows, but it was a computer engineer by the name of Ray Tomlinson who has been credited with the achievement and it was he who decided to use an @ symbol to separate names from domains.

2. Blogging Begins 

Like all techy inventions, blogging started with several precursors and the term itself wasn’t actually coined until the late 1990’s. Blogging now plays a central role in the digital marketing landscape but it’s only really within the last 5-10 years that the industry has cottoned on to their importance and value to customers.

3. Friendster… Come Again? 

Back in the day, this platform was a social media giant but we’re banking that not everyone is familiar with the name. Founded in 2002, it was the first social networking site to really exist, but for various reasons it was unable to sustain it’s early success.

4. Myspace – Hello Old Friend

Now you’ll be a lot more familiar with Myspace. This was launched in 2003 and just 1 year later had over 1 million unique visors to the site, which at the time was mightily impressive. It has a strong music emphasis and many artists attribute their success to being discovered on this social networking service.

5. Facebook Frenzy

This year Facebook surpassed over 1.23 billion active monthly users and you don’t need us to tell the significance this platform has had on the way we communicate and live our lives. Its founder, Mark Zuckerberg is 30 years old and has a net worth of £10 billion. Not bad going eh?

6. The Launch Into Twittersphere

Who knew that posting messages or ‘tweets’ of up to 140 characters would provide to be so popular? The micro-blogging service was created in 2006 but only began receiving mainstream success after the culture of celebrity began getting on board. Ashton Kutcher, Ricky Gervais and Stephen Fry were early Twitterati adopters.

7. YouTube And Viral Videos

Unlike the 4 social media networking platforms we’ve previously mentioned, YouTube is based around only one thing, video content. Users can not only watch but also upload videos to the site, which has the potential to be viewed millions and millions of times.

8. Social Media Mobile

Getting all these services to your mobile device has been revolutionary for the online world. Users can now interact and have real time access from their smart phones in the form of apps. As a result, native mobile social networks have been created such as Foursquare and Instagram, which are proving very popular.

9. Social Media Advertising

Advertising via social media platforms is something that did not exist just 10 years ago and now it is a multi-billion pound industry. Social advertisements offer opportunities to build awareness, target all kinds of different consumers, as well as monitor behavioral data.

10. Google Analytics

Like social media advertising, this final one is particular relevant for businesses. Google Analytics makes it possible for you to track and measure how well your websites are performing. Whether you want to boost sales, find more visitors or improve your mobile app, this tool can provide the insights you need to improve your business.

So pretty exciting stuff, huh? Hopefully this demonstrating just how far we’ve come in such a short space of time. And what’s more thrilling is, who knows just how big the next 10 developments will be….

Social Media: How Far Is Too Far For Advertisers?


Do you ever get the feeling you’re being watched? It’s a talking point that just won’t go away. As Julian Assange and Edward Snowden are hailed as heroes for exposing just how deep global surveillance and intelligence runs within power, is our private information being used for other means?

New knowledge has been unearthed in September detailing how advertisers are also using your information in order to build online profiles of people – those of whom are completely unaware. So if you’re partial to a selfie, or love a cheeky photo upload to your Facebook or Instagram account, these photos could be revealing more about you than what you originally thought.

Big brands have now introduced cutting edge state-of-the-art software that scans the photos you upload, identifying potential clues about their prospective customers. For example, if somebody is wearing a Nike cap in a photograph or a Portsmouth football club replica shirt, that information is then gathered and used in order to create an online profile of you. Why do this? You may well be asking. It’s simple, for money. Marketers are always looking for creative ways to find out more about audiences. Advertising can then be targeted to those people who they feel would be most receptive to the information from the ‘profiles’ that they have created. Clever, huh?

However, like the two names mentioned earlier in the article that promote anti-secrecy and accountability, advertisers aren’t hiding the fact that they are doing this. The photo posting service Tumblr who works with marketing service Ditto Labs say, "We're able to find brand logos and patterns inside of public photos shared on social media. We can also tell if people are smiling or not in a picture, as well as the type of environment a person is in," said David Rose, Ditto's CEO.

While critics say that selling this information on is somewhat underhand, advertisers simply have to refer to the terms and conditions that are presented to users when signing up to social media platforms, which plainly state ‘once someone's images are public, that person has already given legal permission for them to be used.’

A little scary, isn’t it? Nevertheless, a way to combat others using your information is to simply adjust your privacy settings to private. As the old saying goes, "If you're not paying for the product, you become the product."

So What’s The Deal With Google Plus?

Facebook Google Plus

Okay, so we’re going to lay our cards on the table for a second and declare our love for Google Plus here at Giraffe Social Media. At every opportunity we encourage businesses and existing clients to build a presence on the platform despite it still being relatively new and unheard of outside of those who take a particular interest in the world of social media.

When we pose the question, ‘so is your business on board with digital marketing?’ The response we’re usually met with is, ‘sure, we’re on both Facebook and Twitter’ (all the while looking rather pleased with themselves). Well great, that’s a start, but there’s a whole new untapped market that is emerging - has been for a while in fact - and the people who are ignoring it are falling behind.

We’re not alone in thinking this either. Our optimism for the platform is shared by the man who matters most; Google’s new head of social media, David Besbris. He refuted accusations that Google Plus are going to duck out of the social media game and has unveiled plans for a new long term strategy and commitment.

“I don’t think of it as an end game, I think we’re in social - like we’re in everything at Google - for the long haul. We said this at the beginning of the company, we make long-term bets, we make long-term decisions.”

Let’s think about it for a second. Google is the world’s second biggest brand in the entire world, according to Interbrand. The search engine is worth a staggering £50 billion and on top of that, increased its value by 15% just from last year. If you think that a company of this sheer size, magnitude and financial power is going to quietly bow out of one of the most integral industries to modern business, think again.

We think Google Plus works particularly well because it’s so easy to connect to likeminded people with similar interests. In terms of business opportunities, there’s an abundance of established communities that you can join, immediately putting your content in front of the eyes of thousands of people, something that Facebook cannot do. You really can interact with potential customers and influencers effortlessly, costing you nothing in the process and that is what we believe social media is all about.

Besbris concludes, “Social is a whole aspect of computing, much like any other area you would imagine at Google. Behind every one of these screens is a user, it’s an actual person. People are social creatures, they want to share things, they want to learn from each other, they want to ask questions. That’s really important for us as a company …”

What have your Google Plus experiences been like?

When Soaps Surprise, The Social Media Goes Wild!


We all have watched the good old soaps, whether you are a fan of the cobbles in Coronation Street, a Dales lover in Emmerdale or a fan of the Mitchell family in Eastenders, you’re bound to have watched at least one episode before realising they either were or were not for you, so it shouldn’t be of any surprise to you, that sometimes the soaps can have a little more up their sleeves than the cast and filming crew let off and that certainly has been the case in tonight’s Eastenders.

I watched Eastenders tonight (25/09/2014) like I do every night and after being promised on Eastenders’ Twitter, @bbceastenders I wondered what surprise would be in store for me when I watched and being a fan of the legendary Mitchell family, it was awesome to see the return or brief appearance of the classic Barbara Windsor aka Peggy Mitchell. I literally jumped out of my chair with surprise, not something I do every night I can tell you. Eastenders sure did let a great surprise out of the bag and just in time to stop Sharon and Phil’s wedding too, I wonder what the princess will say when she finds out her previous mother in law isn’t happy? No longer can she say “get outta ma pub”, so I question whether not bringing Peggy back for the wedding in Albert Square is actually the right decision or not? Anyhow, Peggy told Ronnie that she is going back with Aunt Sal (Peggy’s sister) to stop the wedding. Enough of the soap story anyway, what I wanted to draw your attention to here was the impact of how one surprise from a much loved television show, can lead to a trend on Twitter. That sure happened tonight and “Peggy Mitchell” was trending. With many spreading joy and love for the return of the matriarch who still seems very popular amongst fans of the soap.

It sure does show that when people are happy, shocked or surprised they don’t hold back telling the whole of the world, or the whole of Twitter about their pleased state of mind. Twitter is great for that and maybe sharing your emotions on Twitter isn’t such a bad thing? I mean, it’s only a drama after all, what is the worst that can happen? Below are just some of the tweets that fans mentioned when tweeting about Peggy’s return.


So has Eastenders’ surprise really surprised? I think it has worked and sure do think that Dominic Treadwell Collins (Exec Producer) did a fantastic job in this. He is just full of surprises lately, he has brought back many popular characters, some permanently and some just for a quick visit, but every time he does this, Twitter users and Eastenders’ Fans tweet and trends start, one I remember was #PoorDot when the lovable Grandma found out Nick Cotton, her son, had died… later to be revealed he isn’t infact dead!! I’d hate to tell Dot that, but no doubt she will find out soon. You have to give it to Eastenders, their top trump lately has been engaging with fans by informing them of surprises and showing they are involved in their lives by offering ‘surprises’, I do think though that perhaps all of the social media from the soap is a good way of winning soap of the year. Immediately after the ‘surprise’ was revealed, @bbceastenders tweeted “Love tonight's show? Then prove it by voting us Best Soap in the 2014” So I cannot help but think that the soap are doing this for votes too. Nonetheless, the awareness of Eastenders sure is had on Twitter, parody accounts of some of the fictional characters are around, Ian Beale for example and trending occurs, it really is a great tactic to gaining popularity and the public’s support, ratings may increase too.

However, one of the funniest tweets of the night, was this one below, that compared Peggy’s return to football, sorry footie fans.


What has been your most favourite ‘soap’ moment? Can you recall the last time you were left gobsmacked by television? The reaction of one popular character tonight, sure did show that when something on soap happens that means a great deal in a story-line, the fans react, so is it time we started having more of a say in our soaps?

Is The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Really Worth The Money?


After the long speculation, rumours and leaked photographs, I imagine that all of Apple’s loyal customers and new customers, were extremely happy when the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus came out a few weeks ago. Unsurprisingly, Apple had a great pre-order amount for both of their products, more than four million customers ordered in just 24 hours, how happy Apple must have been! This increase in pre-orders compared to the iPhone 5 was more than double and the sales are still growing in numbers. So what makes Apple’s new iPhone 6 so great? Is it the fact that the new phone is so much bigger than the existing iPhone? After all, the iPhone 6 plus is a whopping 5.5 inches big! A bigger screen than any other iPhone for sure. What on earth were Apple thinking making a phone that big? It must have been a trial for future generations of the popular phones surely? I mean, phones started getting smaller a few years ago, long gone were the aerials that mobile phones used to have, replaced by Motorola flip phones and the disco light Nokia phones, the ‘brick’ depth of mobiles started to decrease, but now the smartphones are getting bigger and harder to fit in any pocket, maybe fashion designers should bear that in mind when designing their spring and summer collections for 2015?

Although the iPhone 6 plus has a bigger screen, that isn’t the only different, of course it isn’t, I hear you say, but can you really want a phone that is just this big? Well, it depends if you like Retina HD displays I guess, the picture, video and visual appearance on the new iPhones must be fantastic for sure. I still have my Samsung Galaxy S2, which came out many years ago without the Retina HD display that Apple uses, but my phone does just the job. I can call people, text and even connect to the internet, plus my loyal phone didn’t cost as near as much as Apple’s phone does. Shocking news, the iPhone 6 costs around £540 whereas the iPhone 6 plus cost starts at £619, so you’d have to excuse my excuse not to want to try it. I am loyal to Samsung anyway and am waiting for their Galaxy S6 to come out, maybe then I will upgrade at last. You’d be forgiven though, if you did upgrade to the new iPhones, I am sure you may be get some great enjoyment out of it, other than the Retina HD display, you also get a larger screen, a quick Apple-designed A8 chip which will make your phone run really fast and very power effective too. I also hear, from friends, that their battery life is much longer than before, apparently almost as twice as long as their iPhone 5, so I can’t help but feel envious about this, my battery only lasts around 6-8 hours when calling and connecting to 3G in a day, not long at all. Another feature that I quite like the sound of, is the secure way to access the new iPhones and making payments by just using your finger, your finger-print enables the phone to know that it is you accessing your phone, so the security here is pretty epic…let’s hope nobody wants your phone bad enough to cut off your hand mind.  But joking aside, Apple has been very security smart here and I applaud that, after the company has received many complaints from annoyed parents previously about how easy it was for their children to run up a bill by downloading apps without parental permission from the Apple store.

So the iPhone may have a hefty price-tag, but can you genuinely say it doesn’t appeal to you? Apple really has gone all out here, although Samsung mocked the company’s effort in their new iPhone by making videos, known as ‘It Doesn’t Take a Genius’ or #notethedifference . View the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vA8xPyBAs_o&list=PLMKk4lSYoM-yi1RcmxhgbkFxIAa577K4A Samsung criticized Apple’s approach to move forward, insisting that their live streams are rubbish, they then show a big screen phone and mocked Apple’s bigger iPhone 6 plus, insisting “that most phones have big screens nowadays anyway.” But despite their attempts to try and mock Apple, it seems that the demand for the products has been extremely high and welcome by Apple, so maybe Samsung were just jealous of the company? I do admit, that the iPhones have a much nicer feel and finish to them than my Samsung Galaxy S2 does. No doubt Apple could flaw Samsung with some of their failings on the Galaxy collections, such as battery life for instance, no way could my battery outdo the iPhones and the quality certainly isn’t high end either.

Although the iPhone 6 may seem better, the price obviously makes it so, there has been a great deal of complaints about the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus just bending. The phone isn’t supposed to be just bending and users have found out that their half a thousand pound and a little more purchase may not be what they was expecting.

According to The Guardian

“A number of users across various forumssites and Twitter have reported – and pictured – that their phones have become warped after they sat or bent down with them in front and rear trouser pockets.

The reports come just after an insurance company claimed that the new iPhones are the most robust ever – though its tests didn't include bending.


The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus chassis is milled from a solid piece of aluminium alloy whose composition is secret. The weak area of the phone appears to be around the volume buttons, where the frame is at its thinnest and creates a fulcrum point around which the phone bends. Surprisingly, the screen does not break when the phone bends – though it does if the phone is then bent back to a flat profile.

Apple is not the first to have the problem of a large-screened metal-framed smartphone bending under use. Sony’s Xperia Z1, which had a 5in screen and a metal frame, saw users complaining that they bent in pockets”


So what would you do now, is this a fault of Apple’s creation? Or is this acceptable? I wouldn’t appreciate a bending phone, not only is this odd but it makes me question the durability of the phone just like the many who have purchased it and I haven’t even ordered it. I think I would rather save my money than buying this, what is the point in upgrading every year anyway, right?

#bendingiphone is becoming a popular hashtag, maybe a trend will start soon? Samsung will be happy, I feel another video appearing soon.

Would you buy it now, after knowing the phone bends? You spent the money, so I’ll let you decide! Get in touch, leave a comment below or tweet @mattcliffy25 @GiraffeSM

Is Tesco’s Sarcasm and Insults Damaging Their Reputation?


Tesco has their fair share of followers online, particularly on Twitter. On their ‘Tesco Mobile’ account, they have over 73 thousand followers! So quite impressive for just their mobile account. Tesco also has a great amount of customers tweeting to them, the customers may want help or assistance with a certain product, store location or some further product reviews and needed the businesses to help them. However, not all Twitter users go to their favourite or least favourite business online for help, some customers go onto Twitter to hurl abuse and dissatisfaction at the businesses, Tesco sure has had this done to them before. The supermarket simply does not get it all right and very often, when visiting myself, I see price tickets all labelled up wrong, I can never find help in the stores and am often left lost and confused. The marketing in-store seems slack. An example of this can be seen in the picture below:


What a deal! £2.85 each or 2 for £6.00, bargain!

But one thing I have never done, is to complain on Twitter about the businesses, however some people have and the responses they have received are a little shocking to say the least. It kind of makes me glad I haven’t complained to them online through Twitter, I wouldn’t know how to take an organisation I use insulting me, talk about rude customer service. Mary Portas wouldn’t be impressed for sure!

Firstly, we have the case of a customer tweeting to Tesco, Tesco replied to the tweet “tweeting us a 11 o’clock is that not past your bedtime?” To which the customer replied, “Yeah it is! I’m still waiting for the web page to load!”#tescoconnection


This customer sure did make a good point, Tesco’s online presence, their website in particular, can be very slow. This customer, James, identified that and made his view known. I would have liked to know what he tweeted to Tesco to begin with though, it sure does sound like he annoyed them.

Tesco has posted many tweets like this, another one involved somebody tweeting them about a Tesco Mobile Voicemail. Tesco quickly replied and insinuated that the customer’s mates were ignoring them. Ouch!



I must admit, even I laughed at this, however if I was the tweeter, I maybe wouldn’t have laughed. But then who doesn't laugh at something they see like this? Even though it may depend on your sense of humour, what happens if you do not have one, or are rather like Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory and just do not get sarcasm! What would happen then? Having said that, Tesco seemed to gain a great deal of popularity with the pictures featured, both of them ended up on the Lad Bible and received a great deal of Retweets (RT) and favourites. So spot on for getting their Twitter followers and hashtag fanatics onside.

One thing I question though, is who in Tesco thought this was absolutely necessary? I mean, you wouldn’t see rivals Marks and Spencer doing something like this, oh no, imagine what would happen to their target audience? They probably would feel insulted and leave to another competitor, such as Waitrose. Did Tesco’s former CEO, Philip Clarke, make this decision for Tesco’s online presence to be hilariously funny and try to increase followers and awareness in the company through insulting Twitter users in their replies? Or was it the online marketing manager’s fault for this? I believe, personally, that Tesco did this to gain publicity and what greater way to increase awareness, than mocking people.

Customer service is something that Tesco prides themselves in, apparently anyway, so is passing remarks like this to customers helping fulfil that vision? Or is it making them stand out from other supermarkets for not caring about customer relations or not even caring for their customers? Of course, not everybody that tweets to Tesco is a customer, but nonetheless, they could be a customer and by patronising them, surely it would damage the possibility of them ever using Tesco?  Tesco needs to remember that they are not the only supermarket around. Asda, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s are just a few other supermarkets around, who would happily accept these potential customers and even try to grab them away from Tesco. So the organisation should tread carefully and not try to mock potential customers. How do they know they aren’t loyal customers? Customers that have been using them for many of years?

I must say though, that customer service should be improved in all supermarkets, not just Tesco. When can you ever find people around to help you or even know where products are in such large stores? The online social media presence of Tesco is a great one, but the insults should be limited to ensure customer’s, either potential or existing, are not put off and do keep on returning. Especially after the latest news of a £250 million pound error in their profit, it sounds like Tesco needs to be focussing their energies on that. It seems that Tesco will need their customers now, more than ever, so don’t be bursting with insults on Twitter guys, be nice and help, after all #everylittlehelps .

What are your views on Tesco’s insults? Do you find them funny, have a mixed opinion or find them rude? Tweet @mattcliffy25 and @GiraffeSM

By Content Manager, Matthew Clifton


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