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Book Review: The $100 Start-Up

hundred dollar startup book review

The $100 Start-Up: Fire Your Boss, DO What You Love and Work Better to Live More
By Chris Guillebeau

Let me start off by saying that this review may be of a slightly biased nature, due to my being a huge fan of Chris’ work. I read his first book The Art of Non Conformity a couple of years ago whilst driving to Spain with some friends. I’m not sure if it was the setting of the winding roads in amongst the beautiful landscape of the Pyrenees, or whether the book was really that good – but it was an amazing read. A lot of Chris’ principles I had already come across, predominantly from reading books like The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss. However, when I finished that book I felt inspired to do the things with my life that I dreamed of. Now, here I am. Doing them.

After hearing of my experiences with his work, it would be easy to understand that I had this pre-ordered as soon as I heard about it’s existence. The book was for me, not as good as his first – but still an excellent read. The book talks you through all of the concepts that you must understand and apply to be successful when starting your own business. Perhaps the greatest element of this book is how it gives so many examples of people who are doing exactly what Chris discusses. It is clear that he must have done a lot of work to compile all of these stories within the structure of his book. For this, he must be applauded.

In terms of social media, he doesn’t really touch upon it too much. However, there is a chapter where he discusses marketing and how the world is now full of ways to market your business at a fraction of the cost. Thanks internet! However, I think this books main purpose is to convince people to take the plunge and just go for it. So many of us are caught up in jobs that we don’t really enjoy, working for someone we don’t really like. The fact is, life is too short – and with the help of this book you can start taking steps to live the life that you really desire.

I strongly recommend buying this book, it is truly excellent.  Great job Chris.

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