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Social Media News Roundup: December ’17 Week 2

Social Media News
In social media news this week, Facebook asks the questions we all want to know, Twitter gets a new look in virtual reality and Instagram makes disappearing pictures a thing of the past.
Facebook – Did You Know?

Thought you knew everything about your friends? Facebook begs to differ with its new ‘Did You Know’ feature. It’s a new section that lets you answer questions about yourself. This gives users the chance to find out more about a person than what their profile states. The feature has a series of personal questions, such as “What’s the most delicious meal you’ve ever had?” that a user can answer – these will appear on the person’s profile so that a follower can click through to see the response. A user can click through questions to find the ones they want to answer with a format that resembles a status. We wonder how long it will be until other users can ask personal questions!

Twitter In VR

A new app called TweetReality puts the world of Twitter into virtual reality. The augmented version of reality takes your Twitter feed and puts it in a 3D grid. You can make your own tweet, explore other users' posts and receive notifications with your surroundings in the background by using your iPhone camera. Although it is quite basic, the app is an idea that will be furthered as virtual reality develops. Imagine seeing a concert or television show and being able to tweet about exactly what you’re seeing with your followers viewing a visual representation too – you’d never truly be tweeting or living alone.

Disappearing photos? That’s so last year…

In light of the new year, Instagram have added two new features to their app that means images and videos on the Stories section do not disappear after twenty-four hours. The first feature is Stories Highlights, that allows users to group together all the videos and images they have captured on Stories and show it on their profile, meaning anyone can view it at any time. This is a great feature to have as we head into 2018, as a user can view the past year’s good…and bad moments. Instagram’s other new feature also improves the Stories section. It automatically saves your 'Story' posts to an 'Archive' section, where they can be viewed privately after the twenty-four hours is up. Each archived photo or video will have a date, so a user can remember when they have posted it, meaning 2018 will be a great year for retrospect.



Social Media News Roundup: December ’17 Week 1

Social Media News
As we enter December, social media begins a new era with Facebook looking into artificial intelligence to tackle suicide on its site, Twitter following in the steps of Facebook with a ‘Save for Later’ tab and Snapchat redesigning its ‘Stories’ and ‘Discover’ features to make it easier for users. Here’s the lowdown in social media news this week:
Facebook’s A.I. Suicide Prevention

Facebook is looking at ways to improve its suicide prevention online. They are currently testing artificial intelligence technology that analyses users’ posts and identifies patterns that use any terms relating to self-harm or negative content that could indicate suicidal thoughts. The A.I. was used to identify what posts a person saw first, which Facebook has built on to be able to alert responders quickly. Also, if any comments to a person that indicate an individual is struggling will be identified. The posts will be reviewed and help will be sent if necessary. The technology is able to analyse live and recorded videos too. Facebook will also use resources through Messenger to reach out to users who appear to be considering suicide.

Save the Tweets for Later

Twitter is rumoured to be developing a ‘Save for Later’ feature this week on its site. The new update will allow users to bookmark and come back to tweets, like users can on Facebook. The bookmarks, unlike likes or retweets, will be kept private so only the user can see what they’ve saved. It will be accessible in the tabs, alongside ‘Moments’ and ‘Lists’. Many users have requested the feature and it is likely to be introduced in the future, however it hasn’t been fully tested on tweeters yet.

Snapchat Separates Social from Media

Snapchat has updated its Discover feature and separated it from friends’ stories to make the app easier to use. The usual design of friends’ stories that a user hasn’t seen, and the videos and images that they have, is usually split up by advertisements and news that a person hasn’t chosen to see. The redesign parts the two altogether, with the Discover feature becoming its own section that an individual has to swipe to access. Snapchat are also combining other features to differentiate between content. This is great for users as they get to choose what they want to see and returns Snapchat back to its origins with its personal relationship between users.

Social Media News Roundup: November ’17 Week 4

Social Media News

In social media news this week, Facebook Messenger upgrades its sharing image resolution, Pinterest helps us find the picture we can’t search with words, Instagram improves its use on Mobile Internet browsers and Snapchat adds to its promotional features.
Messenger’s High Res Upgrade

Facebook has upgraded their image sharing resolution through Messenger from 2K to 4K. People can now share high-resolution photos to one another over the app. Facebook have also announced that the time for the image to download will be the exact same as the previous, low quality pictures. Many smartphones take photos at such a high resolution, so it’s extremely useful for those who want to share images and see more detail – families on other sides of the world can now see each other’s lives as close to real life as possible.

Visually Search on Pinterest

Pinterest has improved on their visual search tools this week. With five new features added to their Lens and Visual Search, Pinterest have made it easier to find things that people struggle to name. One update is similar to a QR-code, where users can use Pincodes to create their own code that, when scanned, will lead through to a board. This is aimed at business accounts so they can create a new code for a board of products they want to advertise.

However, for all those fashion addicts out there, finding an outfit becomes even easier. Lens Your Look searches for both text and a photo. It takes the user’s own photograph and combines it with an existing search, meaning you are more likely to find a similar picture with similar items that could potentially have a product linked.

Instagram Goes More Mobile…Browser

Instagram have too been expanding this week, specifically with their Stories feature. Users can now see other people’s stories from their mobile internet browser as well as the app. The new features allow mobile browser users to add text to their photos and save posts that they can come back and see on their Internet apps. However, posting videos and the direct messaging feature are both still only available to users with the app. There have still been no real developments for Instagram on desktop browsers, but it seems arbitrary when the app is so successful for mobile use. Nevertheless, the development for Instagram on mobile websites is a big step for those who have slower Internet connections.

Snapchat Story Promos

Snapchat have been experimenting with promotional tools this week and added in a new feature when advertising on the app that allows Promoted Stories. Like users when they post to their story, promoters will be able to include up to ten videos and photos that all users in their chosen country will be able to view as if they are a friend. This is great news for businesses looking to advertise in such a fleeting app as potential consumers could repetitively watch the ads within the 24 hour time limit.

Social Media News Roundup: November ’17 Week 3

Social Media News
In social media news this week, it appears social sites have indulged in new apps and improvements to their services, with Facebook taking on video content, Google aiding hungry users, a simplified Twitter promoting system and Instagram acknowledging the hashtag as a trend to follow.
Facebook's New Video App

An app from Facebook has been unveiled this week called Facebook creator, which utilises the camera for videos that can be shared among a fan base. It’s the same concept as a direct message, but is sent to a combination of a user’s Instagram and Facebook audiences. It’s aimed at influencers and brands, and promotes an insights feature which lets you gain access to video metrics and page analytics. A user can create a video and see how it’s been received among the community – it’s a big move for companies looking to promote their services.

However, the new app's aim is to eliminate competitors such as Youtube as original sources for videos and content. Facebook continues to keep users confined in their walls, rather than stray to other social media sites.

No More Waiting In Line

Google have also improved their game among search engines. When searching for restaurants, users can now see the estimated waiting time for the time they wish to visit their chosen place. Information is now provided even more immediately and cuts out a potentially awkward phone call to find out a long waiting time. People will benefit from all the details provided on a place they wish to visit as it becomes a lot more convenient than ringing the venue or arriving and being denied a table. It saves users a lot of time when choosing the quickest place to get a table and continues to fuel our instant need for information…and food.

Automate Your Promo Tweets

Twitter are rolling out a self-serve advertising tool that allows users to pay a monthly subscription fee to automate their promoted tweets. The feature allows people to also choose whether they want their profile promoted and optimised too. The promote tool can be accessed via the mobile Twitter app, which simplifies and makes advertising far more consistent. However, there are certain restrictions on what can be posted, including profanity and tweets that could mislead other users.

Follow the Instagram Hashtag

Instagram are supposedly testing out their new feature this week by letting some users follow hashtags as well as people. This feature will help people connect with posts that interest them and allow a far more higher chance of engagement. Instagram users follow people, but not trends, and this feature opens a bigger community to connect with on a more regular basis. However, when searching for a hashtag, a user is bombarded with thousands of posts from people that have used it from all over the world. Therefore, Instagram have made it so only the top posts and recent stories are visible to an account. Although it is still in testing and only limited people are able to access the feature currently, it would be very beneficial to the relationship between businesses and their consumers.

Social Media News Roundup: August ’17 Week 2

social media news august 17 week 2
In the news this week - Facebook muscles into the online video scene, apple launches Instagram account and social media usage tops 3 billion…
Facebook muscles into the online video scene with Facebook Watch

Facebook have taken an officially stand to leap into the world of short-form professional online video with Watch, a new platform for shows on Facebook. Watch is somewhat of a late arrival to the online-video scene, however Facebook is currently second only to YouTube for internet video - so the likelihood is that if it takes of (and that is a big if) it will take off in a big way.

Over 30 different production partners have been announced, including MLB, A&E and Hearst. According to the announcement on their newsroom, they intend to see a wide range of shows on Watch, including reality shows, comedy and live sports. They said this:

“We think Watch will be a home to a wide range of shows… To help inspire creators and seed the ecosystem, we’ve also funded some shows that are examples of community-oriented and episodic video series… We’re excited to see how creators and publishers use shows to connect their fans and community.”

Apple launches Instagram account to showcase iPhone photography

The term “Shot on iPhone” has become synonymous with Apple Inc.’s marketing. Now the tech giant has created an Instagram account devoted to celebrating and promoting iPhone photography. The reasons are pretty clear - if there is any logical place to promote photography, it is the world’s largest photo-sharing app.

Instagram now commands a staggering 700 million active users a month. You can check out the new account @apple. For the time being at least, it looks like Apple plan on using the account to build community-centred marketing - at the time of writing their bio currently reads “Welcome to @apple. Tag #ShotoniPhone to take part.” Already the account commands over 500k followers

Combined social media usage passes the 3 billion users mark

The latest combined research from Hootsuite and We Are Social has reveal that the number of people using social media across the world now rests at 3.028 billion - and shows no sign of stopping. This is up four percent since last quarter, an increase of 121 million users, 113 million more than the amount of new adopters of the internet in general. Active social media users are now growing at a rate of one million per day.

Facebook, Whatsapp and Snapchat feature among list of worst apps for battery draining

A report by Avast into the most battery-draining Android apps included (perhaps a little unsurprisingly) Facebook, Whatsapp and Snapchat. These were listed among other feature-rich apps such as Netflix and Google Maps. To see the full list and read Avast’s recommendations for making your battery last the longest it possibly can, check out this article on The Independent.

Social Media News Roundup: August ’17 Week 1

social media news august 2017 week 1
In the news this week - Facebook heralds faster webpages, Instagram Stories celebrates first birthday and celebrities on Twitter are robots...
Facebook update gives preference to faster loading web pages

An upcoming Facebook update will soon give preferential treatment to faster loading web pages. Facebook has announced that throughout the next few months it will be rolling out an update to News Feed that will effectively serve up more stories that load quicker on mobile - and less stories that don’t. In the update Facebook’s algorithm will begin to take into account estimated load time for links within the mobile app.

Facebook have stated that as the update gradually rolls out they anticipate that the majority of Pages won’t witness any significant changes to their own distribution. That said, business users will noticeably slower-loading webpages may see a decrease in referrals, so now is a good a time as any to work to improve site speed and mobile optimisation.

Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism to hold first meeting

Last month Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube formed the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism, in a bid to “formalise and structure how companies work together to curtail the spread of terrorism and violent extremism [across] hosted consumer services” (Twitter).

On 1st August 2017 the first official workshop will be held in San Francisco, gathering tech industry representatives and both government and non-governmental organisations to share data and best practices to counter the threat of extremist content online.

Instagram Stories becomes one year old

On Wednesday 2nd August Instagram Stories officially reached one year of service. Instagram marked the milestone with a post on their official press blog. Within Stories’s first year, Instagram have rolled out more than 20 new features and tools, such as stickers and Boomerang capabilities.

Data now shows that over half of business users now utilise Instagram Stories as part of their social media marketing strategy, overtaking Snapchat. Findings also show that one in five organic Stories from businesses result in a direct message as response.

LinkedIn Lite launched across 60+ countries

In a bid to expand accessibility for members on an International scale, LinkedIn Lite mobile web and Android app has been launched to over 60 countries across the world. Included in the launch were Nigeria, the Philippines and South Africa, amongst others. LinkedIn Lite is marketed as a “lighter, faster version of [the LinkedIn] flagship product and includes all key features such as the news feed, messaging and notifications.”

Facebook to increase use of third-party fact checkers

Facebook is to begin utilising a new, cutting-edge machine learning algorithm to flag up articles bearing the hallmarks of being agenda-driven, the latest addition in their bid to tackle “fake news”. Flagged articles can then be further reviewed by human fact-checkers. Facebook news feed product manager Sara Su said:

“In addition to seeing which stories are disputed by third-party fact checkers, people want more context to make informed decisions about what they read and share.”

Study finds celebrity Twitter accounts act like bots

A new study from the University of Cambridge has shown that celebrity Twitter accounts with more than 10 million followers display more bot-like behavior than those with fewer followers. Students analysed a total of 3,535 accounts and determined that of those 1,525 were bots and 2,010 were humans.

Researchers then created an algorithm that utilises 21 features to pinpoint bots. They then discovered that celebrity accounts share some of these features. Cambridge PhD student Zafar Galani, who led the research, said:

“A Twitter user can be a human and still be a spammer, and an account can be operated by a bot and still be benign… Bots typically tweet a lot and upload content in order to gain attention of their audience. Celebrities too do exactly that, but instead of uploading depersonalised content, like bots do, they upload and share content and news from their daily lives.”

Social Media News Roundup: July ’17 Week 3

social media news july 17 week 3
In the news this week - Twitter updates users on safety, Amazon is building its own messaging app and Snapchat will have a daily news show...
Twitter updates users on work to make network safer

A recent post on Twitter’s official blog provides data on products introduced to increase safety and limit abuse on the network since January. The article states increased action on abusive accounts as a key signifier for progress. Twitter now cites taking action of ten times the number of abusive accounts every day compared to this time last year.

The post also mentions driving change in behaviour through limiting account reach, and providing personalised controls for users to customise their experience. According to Ed Ho, general manager, consumer product and engineering, what can be expected now is more improvement, transparency and speed.

“While there is still much work to be done, people are experiencing significantly less abuse on Twitter today than they were six months ago… Online safety is an issue best solved in partnership with others, so we’ll continue to collaborate with our Trust & Safety Council, industry experts, and academics to solicit ongoing feedback.”

LinkedIn data shows best content types for maximum engagement

LinkedIn has published data that shows the content types that employees should be sharing for maximum engagement rates. Employee advocacy strategies are often the most successful when it comes to extending your brand reach across social networks, particularly for professional networks such as LinkedIn.

According to data by LinkedIn Elevate, SlideShare presentations are the most popular type of content for sharing. In the past year, SlideShares received 44% more shares than other content types. Other successful content types are those that grab attention, and rather unsurprisingly video content sees around 6% more engagement than articles, images and SlideShares.

Amazon Spark looks like Instagram for e-commerce

Amazon’s latest mobile app feature is a scrollable feed of photos and captions uploaded by other users with links to product pages, reminiscent of an Instagram for e-commerce. With Amazon Spark, Amazon is working to turn reviewers into advocates and influencers within its own unique community.

While the feature does feel like Instagram and Pinterest, it has some advanced features geared towards e-commerce. Most notably, products within posts are linked through to their respective pages on Amazon, so users can make immediate informed purchases via click-throughs. It functions like a shoppable Instagram feed, including products related to pre-approved categories by the user.

Amazon is building its own stand-alone messaging app

Amazon is reportedly working on its own full-feature, stand-alone messaging app that is compatible across desktop and mobile devices. Suggestions have been made that the so-called Anytime app will be an all-in-one service, enabling a whole host of different features such as group messaging, photo and video sharing and games. It is also likely to allow users to engage with other Amazon services such as shopping and Amazon Music.

NBC News is producing a daily news show for Snapchat

Beginning next Wednesday, NBC News will be producing and broadcasting a live news show called Stay Tuned twice a day for Snapchat. According to sources, the show is the latest in developments by parent company Snap Inc. towards making the network a go-to destination for exclusive shows.

Each edition of Stay Tuned will cover the day’s biggest news stories in a crisp two-three minute segment. The company’s head of original content Sean Mills believes that Stay Tuned also represents an increased focus for Snap on the specific genre of news. Of their ambitions, he said:

“Our ambition is very much that when something happens in the world or there’s a news event, that our audience would turn  to Snapchat increasingly to get that news.”

Social Media News Roundup: June ‘17 Week 4

Social media news roundup june 17 week 4
In the news this week - Facebook announces new features for group admins and Instagram wants to buddy up with Hollywood movie stars...
Facebook is adding new features for group admins

On Thursday 22nd of June Facebook held their first Communities Summit in Chicago. Attended by hundreds of group admins, at it Facebook announced several new features to help users grow and manage their groups. According to a post on the Newsroom, more than 1 billion people around the world use Groups, with over 100 million being members of “meaningful groups” - those that quickly become a central part of their experience on the social network.

Among the features announced were Group Insights, offering admins real-time growth, engagement and membership metrics, membership request filtering, post scheduling and group-to-group linking. Full details of all of the updates can be found on this post.

Facebook trialling new tools to deter profile picture misuse in India

Facebook have added an optional ‘Picture Guard’ tool for users in India in a bid to deter profile picture misuse on the network. According to a post on Facebook’s Newsroom, when an extra design layer is added to a picture other people are 75% less likely to copy it.

The guard tool effectively renders pictures less accessible. Those with the tool added cannot be downloaded and people you aren’t friends with cannot tag people in it. Alongside that, on Android devices Facebook prevents the use of screenshots. Facebook have said that they will use their experience with the tool in India to consider expansion to other countries.

Facebook offering free advertising to anti-terror groups

Facebook will give free advertising credit to anti-terror groups in a bid to crack down on radical propaganda and terror across the network. The social network has previously been criticised for not doing enough to counter extremism. The new initiative is being referred to as a “counter speech” campaign and will be focussed in the UK. Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s chief operating officer, announced that they will give advertising credit to groups such as the Institute for Strategic Dialogue. Announcing the initiative, she said:

“No one should have to live in fear of terrorism, and we all have a part to play in stopping violent extremism from spreading… There is no place for hate or violence on Facebook. Partnerships with others - including tech companies, civil society, researchers and governments - are a crucial piece of the puzzle.”

Instagram looks set to bolster ties with Hollywood influencers

Facebook is currently looking to engage with Hollywood celebrities and direct them to its Instagram unit, in a bid to keep pace with YouTube video content and fend off Snap. Celebrities and high-profile users play a crucial role in encouraging audience growth.  

Looking at a job ad on LinkedIn, Instagram are hiring for a new executive in Los Angeles to help  “drive high impact and authentic use of Instagram for public figures” leading “outreach efforts with entertainment industry influencers”.

Instagram expands options for live videos with Stories

Instagram now offer users the option to share a replay of their live videos to Instagram Stories. According to a post on their press site, millions of people have used live since it's introduction in November. Once a live broadcast has ended, users will be able to tap “Share” at the bottom of the screen and a replay will be available on Stories for 24 hours.

Social Media News Roundup: May ’17 Week 4

social media news roundup may 2017 week 4
In the news this week - Twitter adds 69 new emojis, Facebook allows fundraising for personal causes and Instagram begins to understand links…
Twitter adds 69 new emojis, becoming the first social network to support Emoji 5.0

Twitter has become the first social networking site to support the newest round of emojis, finalised in March. Included are separate flags for England, Scotland and Wales, chopsticks, steak, a porcupine and a zebra.

The newest round of emojis, known as Emoji 5.0, was released only last week. Twitter’s custom set is known as Twemoji and includes all 69 images of the latest update (239 with skin tone variations and duplicates.) Support for Emoji 5.0 currently isn’t available on iOS or Android devices - so the new lineup of emojis are only available on Twitter’s desktop site for the time being.

Facebook expands Fundraisers to allows user to raise money for personal causes

Facebook has expanded its fundraising feature to allow users to more easily raise cash for a variety of causes, including personal causes. With Fundraisers, Facebook look to take on popular crowdfunding services such as Just Giving and Go Fund Me. Crowdfunding campaigns already rely on social media marketing to be successful, and with Facebook appearing to take a smaller percentage than other options, it could be something of a no-brainer feature.

Fundraisers began testing in March and have recently been developed to allow users to fund raise for a number of other personal causes. These include educational supplies, medical procedures, personal emergencies, and community projects. In an article on its Newsroom, Facebook said this:

“People can create a fundraiser to quickly raise money on Facebook and easily reach their friends in a few taps, without leaving Facebook, and can share fundraisers to help build momentum. People can learn about the person who created the fundraiser and the person benefiting from the fundraiser, as well as see which friends have donated.”

Twitter Apple TV app supports live, 360 degree video and Periscope’s global map

Twitter has updated its Apple TV app with some new, significant features. It has now become the first Apple TV app to support live 360 degree video, which makes use of the Siri remote to move the video and view from different angles, offering a more immersive viewing experience. Twitter is making significant inroads into the live streaming market, including announcing earlier this month a series of live shows from Viacom, Live Nation, BuzzFeed and WNBA amongst others.

Alongside premium live content, viewers on the Twitter app for Apple TBV will also have the option to explore via the added Periscope map. This will allow them to find user-generated live content, both standard and 360, from across the globe.

Instagram expands direct messaging with support for links and raw photo sharing

At last count, Instagram direct messaging was seeing around 375 million monthly active users, and that number is undoubtedly growing. In response, the social network has now added a couple of new features intended to make it a more useful messaging option. Support has been added for external web links, and now inclues inline previews for URLs.

Alongside supporting links, Instagram users are also now able to send original, unedited photo and video content with other users. The ability to send photos in their original aspect ratios will reduce the amount of time users will have to spend on external messaging platforms. These updates are currently rolling out to iOS users and will be coming to Android soon.

Twitter launches DM cards for brands, a new way to promote their chatbots

Twitter have launched a new way for brands to promote and share the bots and customer experiences they have created. Direct Message Cards can be customised to help drive discovery of these experiences via Promoted Tweets or organic posting. DM cards can be embedded with custom image of video creatives and up to four call-to-action buttons.

One of the launch partners for this new feature is Patrón Tequila. They are using DM cards to help drive discovery of its messaging bot. So-called ‘Bot-Tender’ creates personalised cocktail recommendations based on a users responses to questions about occasions and flavours, amongst other things.

Instagram announces location-based stories for Explore and adds an ‘archive’ option

Finally, Instagram have announced the roll out of Location Stories for its Explore page - after a similar feature was (rather unsurprisingly) released by Snapchat less than two months ago. By enabling users to search for Stories from strangers whose privacy settings are set to public based on their location, Instagram offers users another level of discover-ability for their Stories content.

Alongside location-based stories, Instagram have added an ‘Archive’ option in the hope to deter permanent deletion of out-dated or under-performing posts.

Social Media News Roundup: May ’17 Week 2

social media news roundup may 17 week 2
In the news this week - Twitter signs deal to live-stream NFL content, Instagram allows uploads from it's mobile site and that guy who really wanted some chicken nuggets gets some chicken nuggets...
Twitter signs deal to stream NFL content (but no games)

Twitter may have missed out on the chance to live stream NFL’s Thursday Night Football games to Amazon, however they have bagged themselves a deal to stream specific content on the network. The agreement will allow Twitter to stream a selection of official NFL video content to users, including a 30-minute digital show, airing five nights a week during the season.

Alongside the exclusive digital show, NFL coverage by Twitter will include Periscope broadcasts of pre and post-match snippets, such as warm-ups and interviews. NFL reported James Palmer tweeted about the sort of content that will be included:

New LinkedIn feature uses location information to suggest nearby users

LinkedIn has introduced a new feature intended to “maximise the benefits of Linkedin… [and] provide you with opportunities to network with other LinkedIn members at conferences, events and more in your proximity.” Once privacy settings are enabled to allow as such, it will use mobile location information to share profile information with nearby users.

The new feature could certainly improve discoverability at networking events if used correctly. Once enabled, the names and profiles of first-level connections nearby will pop up.

New Facebook partnership looks to bolster 360-degree video

A new partnership between Facebook and Blend Media looks to create a “creator community” of 360-degree video project workers. Blend Media is a tech platform that works alongside brands, agencies and publishers, and through the partnership Facebook will have access to their premium content library. Likewise, Blend Media will have unique access to the social network’s 360 team.

The partnership is important because unlike other styles of video, user-generated 360-degree video isn't really a thing yet. Although conventional video content is still noticeably more engaging that 360, over half of buyers and sellers in the UK believe that it will prove one of the best revenue streams over the next 12 months. Founder and CEO of Blend Media, Damian Collier, said this:

“Consumers both expect and deserve high quality engaging content, and no medium is more engaging than 360-degree video and VR. As a relatively new format, there’s a need to help nurture and support the creator community in the 360-degree video space…
Facebook’s commitment to driving innovation in video could not be more apparent. They also understand more than anyone that users are increasingly engaging with 360-degree and VR content, in many cases watching 360-degree video for considerably longer than fixed video,”

Twitter embraces AI to power tweet recommendations

Twitter has joined the likes of Facebook, Google and Microsoft in embracing the power of artificial inteligence with new technology that better provides accurate tweet recommendations for users. The social network is making use of deep learning, which involves the “training” of software through repetition and variables.

Until now Twitter’s tweet recommendations were based on a far less advanced algorithm. However, with the addition of more intelligent AI systems, they hope to boost engagement rates and time spent on the social network by its users.

Chicken nugget addict breaks re-tweet world record

The world record for the most re-tweeted tweet ever, originally held by Elle DeGeneres for the famous Oscar Selfie, has been broken by a guy who really wanted free chicken nuggets. We won’t go into all the details, because it really is that simple. Carter Wilkerson’s tweet reached 3,430,249 retweets on Tuesday, enough to bag himself a year’s free supply of chicken nuggets alongside a donation of $100,000 to a charity by US fast food chain Wendy’s in his name.

Instagram rolls out sharing from its mobile site

Finally, Instagram has rolled out the ability to upload images direct from it’s mobile sight. The upgrade also included a light version of the Explore tab. Although there is still no posting available via the desktop version, by inspecting their webpage users can view the mobile sight and upload images from their desktop computer. See the process in the video below.

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