Tips for Dating a PR Girl

We're charming, fantastic and unstoppable.

Public Relations is sexy. It's a sexy career and it's full of sexy PR pros, so no wonder why so many of us are drawn to it when choosing our 'life plan'. After reading an entry on PR Daily on How to date a PR professional, it's a given that the characteristics that make a kick-ass PR professional, are also the same for the perfect significant other.

We're Loyal and efficient.

Being a PR professional, means we are brand ambassadors for ourselves from day one! We are medalists for the organisations we represent. Loyalty in a relationship is the much sought after factor and the most powerful. For PR pros, it shows commitment, faith and trust - if you can find it in a relationship with us, you can find it in any walk of life. We are extremely loyal to our own self and career, so if you don't show any traits of loyalty to us, the relationship will be over quicker than Kim Kardashians 72 day marriage. Why? Because it's all about reputation! We work too hard to build ours to have someone fault it.

We know what's in and out and will win every argument. 

The quicker a guy knows this, the better. Us women have a way with words and our kind mitigation's are a skill. We can chisel anything to be in our favour (that's manipulation at it's finest). We are trend setters and are on the ball with the biggest trends and not-so-cool ones. I live my life 2 months in advance, some call me an early adopter or some might say an innovator - either way, when you think something is 'cool' and 'new', chances are, it's probably not and I've already seen, used, abused and blogged about it before a football match whistle was blown for full-time. You might win a 'heated discussion' once in a while, but only because we let you win. After all, PR is about making the receiver feel good (but only every now and then for a guy).

We are dedicated.  

PR involves satisfying the needs of others, so naturally we aim to please and are excellent at building relationships. The average day is filled with buzzing Blackberry's, tweets, meetings and 'stalking' the top-dog to pitch the latest product or campaign we're working on. We send e-mails if we can't reach them on the phone line, we schedule lunches to butter up clients. We are pushed aside by editors, transferred to voice mail and have the door slammed in our faces many times. In a normal job role that would dishearten any person, but then again, "normal gets you nowhere" (Thanks Kelly Cutrone for that). PR girls, we cut out the gatekeeper and go straight to the top, we pitch the same campaign with a sexy angle, we get results - because we are dedicated. And there is no difference in our relationships.

Love or Bust. 

Content Manager - Meera Patel - @MeeraGiraffeSM / @MeeraPatel18

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