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Do you really want to be on TINDER? Is it safe?

Tinder is the latest craze in dating (hook up) apps that allows you to connect with people around you solely based on looks and then meet up for coffee (or “coffee”). It’s a straight version of Grindr.

If you’re turning to online dating to find the love of your life, get married and settle down, then Tinder probably won’t be your best choice, despite creators of the app claiming that they know of 50 marriage proposals due to it so far.

Whether those claims are true or not are yet to be seen, but considering that there are millions of users, that isn’t an amazing statistic.

In terms of safety, it all comes down to how you use it.

The app connects through your Facebook. You decide what few pictures can be seen and then your matches will come up based on your location and who is around you.

If you want to be cautious about who you end up talking to on the app, especially since they’ll know where you’re located, you can see who your mutual Facebook friends are, if you’ve got any.

This feature at least gives you the chance to ask someone about the person you’re speaking to/want to speak to so you can be sure whether or not this stranger is actually: A- a stalker/psycho, B- someone just looking for “coffee”, C- your co-worker’s ex, or D- all of the above.

Even if you don’t have a mutual friend to confirm exactly who the person you’re talking to is (so you don’t end up on the next episode of CatFish) as long as you don’t go blurting out your address, phone number, pin number etc then having a quick chat with someone on the app is basically harmless.

When and if the conversation progresses to the point of actually meeting up, this is when you should start to be wary.

If a total stranger came up to you on the street and invited you into their home you wouldn’t go would you?

Even though it might seem like Nick or Rachel is completely harmless and could be your soul mate after your weeklong Tinder conversation, they really are no different than that stranger on the street at this point.

Without mutual friends to ensure you that this person is not an axe murderer, be smart and only meet up with them in a public place to begin with and let a friend know where you’ll be, or check in on Facebook or something. (As far as I know there have not yet been any fatalities due to Tinder).

In most cases, the app is just an addicting way to kill time while you’re on a long bus journey or queuing up basically anywhere. Whether you actually want to talk to anyone or even go to the next step and meet up is totally up to you.

In short, yes, Tinder is safe if you’re smart about how you use it.

When it comes to the question of if you really want to be on Tinder, that depends on whether or not you can put up with the occasional sleazy comments, the knowledge that the fittie you liked yesterday didn’t like you back and the fact that it most likely won’t lead to anything more than the casual hook up.

Content Assistant – Taylor Fleischner

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