Giraffe Welcome Harry to the Team

Giraffe Social Media Welcome Harry McManus

Aren’t people so delightfully different? Yes, yes they are. At Giraffe, we like different people. We’ve all got our own odd little qualities that help make working here so much fun, and make our service so unique and successful. It should come as no surprise then, that we want to introduce another person to you all - Harry McManus, our new social media manager!

We are thrilled to introduce to you Harry McManus- the newest addition to the Giraffe Clan! Harry (who provided one of the most inventive applications we’ve ever received- more of that later…) is currently finishing a degree in Engineering and has joined us part time.

In true Giraffe style, we accosted him whilst he was chilling in the garden and forced some obscure questions on him...

Whatsup Harry!

Hello there!

Describe yourself in three words, one adjective, one verb and one abstract noun.

Oh wow, I’ll need to think about that… [minutes pass] ok, my final answer (tense moment) is, “elegantly rebellious rule-breaker.”

What are you most looking forward to about working here?

I’m so used to working in a technical environment that I’m really looking forward to being able to be more creative. Plus, the wide range of clients, small and large scale, is definitely a plus too!

Tell us about your job application…

Erm, it was quite different for me- I ended up making a website as my application form, which took a lot of time! It was pretty fun to make in the end though. It was also a break from my old technical job!

Which celebrities do people mistake you for?

Justin Bieber, George Shelley, Beyoncé. In that order.

What is the theme song to your life?

Rhianna- Work Work Work, because my life is work work work and I don’t quite understand the rest…

What is your spirit Pokemon and why?

Kakuna, because I like wearing ties (it’ll never be unseen), and my moves always fail.

What’s your favourite t-shirt cut?

Turtle neck, I don’t want anyone being too jealous of single chest hair swag.

Any dietary requirements we should be aware of?

I’m super allergic to dust, so no one recommend that Little Britain Diet to me.

Duly noted. Where is the coolest place you've ever visited?

I’d probably say it’s Hong Kong! The food, the culture, the balance of nature and construction is amazing. I definitely wouldn’t mind living there!

If you won Olympic gold, what event would it be in?

I’m think the past two weeks at Giraffe have given me a good standing for Table Tennis.

Lastly, if you could know the answer to any question what would it be?

Did I answer these questions correctly?

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