Google+ and YouTube. WHAT?!

So, I wasn't going to draw attention on the recent merge of our beloved YouTube and the, well, not-so-loved Google+, but I saw this one video and well...

I won't be posting it on here because 1. NSFW and 2. we have readers of all ages, but you could find it if you wanted to.

YouTube last week rolled out the Google+ comment system underneath videos posted by 'YouTubers'. Essentially, by signing into Google+ on YouTube, the users can choose whether the comments they leave will be kept public, or written to those people on in their circle. Oh, and the replies are threaded, like in Gmail.

Now, I see this as a way for Google+ to be all Kanye West on YouTube and "imma let you finish". Obviously, trying to take the limelight off their biggest competitor in the Google conglomerate.

Insert irrelevant pic now...


Oh, and probably a way for Google to see who we really are, and what we have for dinner and the train we get on to go to work. On the plus side, it controls the trolls and after so long, gives content creators a way to monitor the comments on their videos and block words that they don't want posted in their comments.

But, do you really care? Do they care? Will your cries or countless numbers of petitions change the thoughts of the big dogs at Google? Theres no point in getting upset about it or making rude videos. Google has far too many things going on, so essentially, they don't care. In the end; you are talking about them - they are getting more coverage - you are still using YouTube - and they are still making money.

In essence, deal with it or go find another place to watch/upload videos. How's it going Vimeo?

Social Media Manager - Meera Patel 

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