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Is Google+ Update Awesome Yet?

Since its launch in 2011, Google+ has been attempting to loosen the iron grip that Facebook and Twitter have had in the social networking scene. Despite statistics showing that it’s beginning to claw back that #2 spot from Twitter, it is still some way behind Facebook. It’s by no means unsuccessful, amassing over 500 million registered users in its short existence. Many social media experts have put that down to the fact that Google automatically creates a Google+ account for anybody that registers when using another of their services. It’s even been suggested by some that Google+ has not added to the social media experience. With criticism still coming from both recreational users and social media marketers alike, you might expect a response from the mighty Google. You would be right… Kind of.

It’s been a while since Google+ has seen any significant changes, they are however, starting to come along. The first one is right from the playbook of Facebook and Twitter. Google+ has now updated its +1 feature to have the same sort of impact as a  Facebook ‘like’. Now when someone in your circle +1s a page, it’s likely to appear in your news feed. A fantastic result for social media marketers pondering whether there Google+ existence is worthwhile, it truly represents an opportunity for businesses to reach beyond their customers.

Another update that has got people talking is the auto-awesome photo generation. It allows you to select photos for Google to make a fun composite photo for you. There is no need for user intervention and it notifies you when the optimisation has been done. This update has been angled more towards the casual users who upload photos more regularly and has received rather positive reviews.

Along with these updates they have also begun the development of enabling HD video in Google hangouts and improving user friendliness with Android systems.

So when it comes to updates, Google+ has tried to play it safe and tinker with its setup to provide an enhanced service. The question remains however. Has it worked? Well………… it’s getting there.

Google+ has always been a fairly good site and In terms of social media marketing, many people actually think it is one of the best in the B2B format. (Fact of the day: Google+ is the best site to use if you’re a plumber). As an all-rounder however, it’s not quite there. Something feels like its lacking and it may require a big update with some radical changes to achieve that. With that being said, Google+ should not go risking what they already have. A solid social networking site that is perhaps the most aesthetically pleasing and one where business can benefit.

By Content Assistant – Daniel Horton – @ItsDanielHorton 

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