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Happy ‘VAL£NTINE$’ Day…

Marius-the-giraffe-who-was-killed-by-Copenhagen-Zoo-despite-offers-to-re-home-him-3128409So Valentine’s Day is upon us and it’s time for millions to once again dote on one another, spend time and exchange various gifts…

‘Love don’t cost a thing…’

Men in America spent over $34million on Dining out for Valentine’s Day last year; the Aussies spent a staggering $49million – on their pets!! And don’t think for a second that we aren’t just as wrapped up in the madness as the rest of the world, Love struck Brits are predicted to have spent £978million already on Valentines gifts this year, which is an impressive 10% increase on the figures reported for the same period at this time last year.

If we take that figure and break it down between guys and girls in the UK, that’s 64 million people approximately, of which 47% (according to a 2011 census) are married or civilly partnered. Now to keep it fair let’s just assume that of these remaining 32 million people, only half of them actually take part and participate in the whole Valentines thing (and that’s being generous!) That’s still 16 million people left… So here’s an interesting idea…

Giraffe Text Giraffe and Coin


We’re serious! We found this great charity called ‘The Giraffe Conservation Foundation’ and they do loads of great work looking after Giraffe all over the world. You can find out more about them here:

On average, Brits are predicted to be spending around £50 each this Valentine’s Day.  1% of £50 is 50p, 50p multiplied by 16 million people would be £8million raised… for the Giraffe!

Now you may at this point be wondering what a Giraffe could possibly want with your 50p and that’s a fair observation… We guess being Giraffe ourselves, we share a deep feeling of responsibility for all other Giraffe and the continuation of their ongoing conservation! But all jokes aside, whichever charitable cause you decide to support, 1% really is nothing and collectively it would make a difference.

We’ve already picked ours and here is their Just Giving page:

By now most people will be well aware of Marius the Giraffe and will have seen the numerous action groups, news articles and messages of support being circulated online. Marius’s story is a really shocking one that has touched the entire world. It was also unfortunately just one example of Giraffe being mistreated. ‘The Giraffe Conservation Foundation’ protect and preserve Giraffe populations all over the world through their many global projects and initiatives. With our help, we hope that they can continue to do so for many more years to come.

Choosing our cause was easy, because we love Giraffe (Naturally!) and we wanted to ensure that we were doing our bit to prevent further abuse in the future. We would welcome anyone else’s support for what is a really worthy cause.

Long live the mighty Giraffe! 


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