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How can Musicians use Vine for Self-Promotion?

Twitter’s 6-second video sharing app Vine has gained 13 million iOS users since its launch in January2013 and has since been released on Android devices. With millions of users uploading, sharing and viewing short videos, promotional potential is huge! So how can musicians use a mere 6-seconds of video for self-promotion?

Live Performances  

Uploading Vine’s of live performances allows fans to relive the experience on their phones, tablets and computers, which attracts a lot of “I was there!” type comments.  It is a great way to promote future concerts and allows musicians to create a buzz around their gigs. The Script used Vine throughout their #3 World Tour. Click here!

Use Hashtags

You may have noticed that The Script used the caption #Script3Tour on that last link. Including a hash tag in a Vine is likely to get more retweets and it is a great way to increase discussion and interaction between musicians and fans on Twitter.

Remember that sharing to Facebook will also enhance online reach.

Be yourself

Upon launch in January, Dom Hofmann (Co-Founder & GM of Vine) stated that these short videos are “little windows into the people, settings, ideas and objects that make up your life”.

Fans want to know what you get up to in your day-to-day life and that is sometimes more appealing than performing to over 10,000 fans at Wembley Arena. Making a Vine of a band rehearsal or whilst hanging out with your mates will give audiences a glimpse behind the scenes. If you make time for fans, they will make time for you.

Be Creative

The ability to stop and start recording has allowed users to produce extremely artistic Vine’s. For musicians this can be used to create short album trailers or sneak previews of upcoming tracks.


Utilise the networking power of Vine and start a competition that gets the audience creating Vine’s as well. If PSY were to begin a ‘who does the best Gangnam Style’ competition thousands of people would be uploading 6-second videos of them dancing along to the track (I know that I would!), which promotes the song and the culture of the musicians followers. Paul McCartney asked fans to Vine themselves finishing the riff of ‘Live and Let Die’.  It was shared to twitter and received over 250 Retweets – Click here.

Vine is a great way to connect with audiences and increase your social profile. Do you have any ideas on how musicians can use Vine for self-promotion? Or do you think Vine has seen it’s reign with the introduction of InstaVideo? Tweet me to let me know!

Content Assistant – Ben Hunt – @benhunt92

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