How do I get More Instagram Followers?

Instagram: the most sought after thing since sliced bread.

Instagram, an app created for Apple OSX and Android users, allows people to share and upload filtered photos to their followers and other sources of social network. Members of the Instagram phenomenon are able to share, comment and like on both their own photos and other users whom they follow - simple idea right?

Getting more followers on Instagram is easy, just when you follow the simple rules.

  • Good quality photos; don’t let a blurred image bring you down! Upload the type of images you think your followers will want to see, fill it with adventures and trips you’ve been on rather than last night’s dinner! Keep those followers wanting more of your talented photography skills.

  • Hashtags are key to the world of Instagram. They connect with your followers and other users who may have an interest in what you're posting. Hashtags enable other users to find your photos, for example a photo of your favourite celebrity, in my case this would have to be Tom Hardy (swoon), the link included could be “#Tomhardy” in the description box therefore anyone who would be looking for an image of Tom Hardy (I’m sure there is a few people) could find your image.

  • As much as you want to gain new followers make sure you follow back! Complementing and being nice to other users is a great way to get them to do the same back to you. Once you show an interest in them the goodwill might be mutual.

  • Connect your Instagram to other social network, the more the better! This makes it easy for people to find you, followers on Twitter or friends on Facebook may be unaware of your activity on Instagram but with a quick follow of the link they can connect with all the fun you’ve been having. All you have to do is to go onto your setting on Instagram and go to sharing settings; you then have the power to decide who sees what.

  • Find friends through your other sources of social network. This is crucial when you first start using Instagram as it is the easiest way to follow people you already know. Simply go to your options which is on the top right corner of your own page and go to ‘Find & Invite Friends’ which is the first tap, the app will than connect with your Facebook where it will look for other users of Instagram on your friends list, the more the better!

  • Pay attention to what popular users do and follow suit. Go to the explore tab and have a sneak peak at the best of the best. Take inspiration and try to work this in to your very own unique page.


Upload some funny photos of giraffe's to Instagram with #GiraffeSocialMedia!

Rebecca Howell - Social Media Content Assistant - @beckihowell 

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