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How to use Social Media to Discover More about Your Audience

How to use social media to find out more about your audience

One of the best ways to move forward with your social media strategy is to have a clear understanding of who your audience are. When you have greater knowledge of the people you are marketing to, you put yourself in a far better position – and social media is the perfect platform for discovering insights…

Your current social media following can be a veritable magic lamp for answering questions about the habits of the people who are attracted to your products. Not only will this kind of information allow you to tailor your content for better results, in can also give you valuable direction to the sort of users your should be targeting with your promotions.

Often all it takes is a small amount of research on social media to discover something about your audience that you never knew. It’s not uncommon for businesses to realise that they had been blissfully targeting the wrong people the whole time. Here are a few ways to use social media to discover more about your audience…

Look at your audience insights

Facebook insights can give you a broader understanding of the ages, genders and locations of your fans. By keeping track of the most rapidly developing areas, you can begin to target your campaigns accordingly. Alongside your own marketing databases, this sort of information can be especially useful for small businesses such as cafes, restaurants and hotels in rural areas, as it allows you to recognise where the majority of your audience comes from.

Insights into the most common ages and genders among your audience base should also be used to develop your strategy across other networks. For example, if your fans include a higher proportion of engaged younger users then it would be good to diversify your campaigns across other social networks with a predominantly younger user base, such as Snapchat or Instagram.

Take a look at users’ content

It’s a good idea to put some time aside into delving deeper into the sort of content that dominates across the profiles of a cross section of your audience. Something as simple as a bio will help you to get a better understanding of the sort of things that they consider important and are passionate about, such as their area, causes or achievements.

If you see crossovers in the style of content that they share then you can tailor your own content marketing strategy to emulate this, which will often result in a much higher level of engagement come distribution.

Monitor the dialogues that they contribute to

Through analysing the sort of social media dialogues that members of your audience contribute to you can begin to develop your own interaction techniques. By getting your brand involved in these conversations you set yourself up to reach more and more users who could potentially become part of your audience. This kind of growth is priceless for a constantly evolving strategy.

Take time to listen

It sounds a little contrived but the main way that social media can be used to find out more about your audience is simply just to listen. In order to make creative decisions about marketing that will have a good impact in the long run we need to take a step back every now and then, and instead set aside some time to really understand our audience.

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