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iOS7 – How does it look?

iOS7 is due to be released on the 18th September 2013. There’s been a lot of build up to what could be a make or break moment for Apple, with other operating systems catching up, or perhaps in some cases over taking their much praised OS. In essence, they really can’t afford to fall at this hurdle.

This blog post will look at just some of the aspects of the new operating system from Apple.



Lets start with the home screen. This is what you’ll be seeing the most of when you finally get iOS7.  

You’ll notice quite a radical change to the home screen, not so much with the layout, but with the design of the app icons. Gone are the more familiar 3-D style icons and in are refreshing, sleek icons that are completely flat design. Rather pleasingly, they are more vibrant and almost look like small squares of coloured card. The colours have a more clean pastel look them too, following on with current fashion trends. 

You’ll also notice from a few hands-on review videos on YouTube that the background of the home screen somewhat ‘floats’ behind your apps. Dubbed as ‘panoramic wallpapers’, it is a feature powered by the phones gyroscope and accelerometer. Take a look at this short video to see exactly what i am referring too.


A new ‘Control Centre’ function:

A common annoyance with the current iPhone OS is the inability to quickly change settings, more specifically Wifi toggles and screen brightness. Previous and current software on the iPhone has meant that in order to change these settings you have to unlock your phone, head into the settings app, open the wifi tab before finally switching it off. It doesn’t sound like much but it does gets tedious after a while. The new feature in iOS7 lets you swipe from the bottom up from any app, home screen or lock screen and all these settings are there to change right away. From here you can also control your music and activate a new feature to iPhones – Airdrop


Airdrop has been available on other Apple devices for a significant period of time. It has been largely used for moving video and images from a Mac to a TV screen, but is also used for moving various files across shared networks on Mac computers. It’s a quick, simple way to share things across phones that you could probably not fit into a text! It’s now been integrated into iOS7 and looks like a really useful tool. You can share images, videos, contacts and more with other iPhone users in the vicinity. They’ll pop up in the Airdrop app and you just choose what you want to send them. Away it goes!


Multitasking looks much better this time around. Instead of just a list of open apps appearing at the bottom of your screen, you now get to see each app that is open in detail, showing you exactly what you were doing inside that app whilst it was in use. A feature that is more commonly found on computers and many rival phones. It’s a nice time saving feature that means you wont have to open the app and wait for it to load just to see what you were last doing. 


There are numerous other changes to iOS7, including a nice photo app which sorts your pictures into location, a new live photo filter, a newly designed safari app and a refreshed notification centre. 

What seems apparent is that Apple are arguably playing catch up to other OS’s and the world of Jailbreaking. On the whole however, i think Apple users will be pleased. It essentially enhances everything that was great about the old OS, as well as adding a lot of cool new features that will save people time. 

By Content Assistant – Sean Haydock – @Bseanty


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