5 Incredible TED Talks

We're all huge fans of TED talks here at Giraffe and often find our lunch breaks being taken up with catching up with the latest and most innovative. So we thought we'd take the time to share with you our five favourite TED talks of all time!

5. Harald Haas: Wireless Data from Every Light Bulb

This is mind blowing stuff, makes you excited for the future!

Click here to watch

4. Hans Rosling - Stats that Reshape your Worldview

Hans Rosling enlightens us with some incredible statistics about the world we live in.

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3. Gary Vaynerchuk - Do What You Love

One of our own now, Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the best speakers in social media, don't miss this talk.

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2. Pranav Mistry - The Thrilling Potential of Sixsense Technology

Jaw-dropping is an adjective that seems to be thrown about on the TED website, but this genuinely is jaw dropping.

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1. Ken Robinson - Schools Kill Creativity

Ken has such a like-able demeanor, his comedic ability subtly presents itself effortlessly.

Click here to watch.


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