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Rest In Peace MSN

The End of MSN

Content contributor Matt Clifton remember’s the popular chat website MSN, now sadly closing it’s doors…

It saddens me to see that the once widely used and popular chatting website, MSN is now closing its doors. It really reminded me of how many hours I used to sit on it talking to former friends and total strangers, something that I was constantly disciplined not to do, but fortunately they turned out to be genuine people my age.

MSN used to be a huge part of my life as a teen. I enjoyed the fun range of emoticons that they had as well as nudging girls trying to get their attention; yes things really were that hard back then. I also remember the webcam chats I had and spent hours using, just babbling on about random stuff with people I cared for at the time – so many memories! However, with the rise of social networking over recent years, many of us have begun to rely on Facebook to message

The end of MSN and the rise of Skype

So what has made Microsoft decide to ditch MSN after fifteen long years? I think the real answer is Skype, alongside the grothw of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Myspace. Skype has considerably grown in users over the last few years and has become the new MSN for people to communicate effectively over their computers, laptops and tablets. According to BBC News, “Windows Live still had as many as 330 million users as recently as 2009. But those numbers later declined, while users of Skype rose to nearly 300 million by 2012.”

I leave you with an obituary from the BBC…

MSN Messenger was a hard-working internet visionary which taught a generation to touch-type and lol, writes BBC technology reporter Dave Lee.

“It touched the lives of millions of teenagers who, in an age before real social networking, were just getting accustomed to what it was like to live on the internet.

MSN Messenger heralded a new era: a time when chatting up a classmate no longer meant the terrifying prospect of actually having tosay something to them.

It meant no longer would young teens have to endure the torture of ringing the landline number of their newest crush – knowing there was a high probability that dad would pick up.

But after all the “ASL?”s and “u there?”s, Messenger’s loyal subjects became less dependent. “I’ll brb”, people said… but they never did.

Other sites, smarter and better looking, would see Messenger cast aside. In an age of exciting digital discovery, Messenger became the web’s wooden toy.

After a long career, it spent its final year enjoying a comfortable retirement in China. Its less well-regarded relative, Windows Messenger, still battles on on work computers the world over.

“It’s like MSN,” office workers say, “…just not as fun.”

MSN Messenger is survived by Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Snapchat, Skype, Google+ and Instagram.”

I guess what I am trying to say is REST IN PEACE MSN!

By Matt Clifton, Content Manager

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