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What is Thumb?

Well, where do I start? When I first heard of Thumb I was slightly confused, a social network where you ask strangers to answer your questions seems silly, right? Wrong. According to Thumb, the social network was created in order to help consumers get instant opinions whilst shopping. However, after launch it was realised that the Thumb community gave opinions on various areas of an individuals everyday life, this included things such as food and lifestyle. Consequently, meaningful conversations, relationships and a social network began to form.

To get a better feel for the social network Thumb i decided to involve myself in it fully and downloaded the app.  It is really simple to sign up and it can be integrated with your Twitter or Facebook account to create a really smooth integrated process. As soon as you’re signed up you can start giving opinions,  either by voting with a thumbs up, a thumbs down or neutral if you don’t really have an opinion (which might I add, is very rare). bundle-e1323383020290The interesting thing about Thumb is that the result is monitored throughout the questioning period and as soon as you vote you can see what other people are thinking as well. This is great as you can see if you agreed with the majority or are out on your own with a few other lone rangers. As with any social network you do get the random X-rated questions and photos but if you’re like me, I just pressed neutral as quickly as I could and moved on!

After you have finished giving your opinion you can ask people for theirs! Within minutes of asking a question I had over 100 responses! You could slowly see the change in the Thumbs up/Thumbs down percentages and quickly make your decision on the question you asked. The speed of the responses is what is really great about Thumb, simply due to the fact that  if you did want to ask an opinion on a new dress or top, you could literally have a decision by the time you are out of the changing rooms.



With regards to its functionality, the first thing to note is that not only is giving strangers opinions on every aspect of their life appealing, it is also a brilliant way to see what people in other countries are talking about or doing. The diverse countries and languages that are on Thumb give a real insight into different societies and the trends that may be coming up in the future. 

Perhaps the only negative aspect to Thumb is that it tends to get slightly repetitive and if you are not keen on being an opinion leader, then it is probably not for you.


So take this month to try something new and download Thumb! It might not be for you but if it is, you’ll be an addict within no time.  

Content Assistant – Stephanie Balsom- Eynon – @sbalsomeynon

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