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Social Networks that your Business should be using

social networks that your business should be using

Social media is the ultimate leveller. When you employ social media as a defining part of your digital marketing strategy you are commanding a framework that gets you talking with real people and encourages them to actively engage with your brand. Now, as the list of suitable networks grows ever longer, this potential goes way past the realms of Twitter and Facebook…

Social media is growing at such an exponential rate that it warrants more care and attention than many companies and businesses currently lend it. The reason for this is simple; the average person already spends a considerable portion of their day interacting and engaging on social networking personally; so surely there is very little to learn?

The truth is that the skills and knowledge required to harness each network’s potential do not come from personal usage. Establishing your business as a driving force on social media takes ingenuity, analysis and a willingness to evolve; and part of that is identifying how every new network could slot into an already-robust social media strategy.

With that in mind, here are a few networks that you may have yet to tap into, and how each of them could help you achieve your goals…


We’ve already discussed at length how live streaming apps like Periscope are changing the face of social media. The premise of social media derived from the concept of a platform that would enable instantaneous communication of information and ideas, so it stands to reason that live streaming fits in quite nicely. LS has been around in one form or another for many years now, but it’s only recently with the widespread use of untethered data exchange and smartphone technology that it’s been able to really come into it’s own.

Small businesses can use Periscope to engage with their customers in real time, and it could really help to give a human face to your brand. Our article on How to Build your Brand with Periscope takes a more in-depth look into how you could use it, but the possibilities are endless. Examples include behind-the-scenes footage, exclusive sneak-peeks of new products, and even how-to Q&A sessions. Periscope could very well be the network that helps your brand break out on social.


Snapchat is often dismissed – partly because of it’s younger demographic and partly because content that is posted on there is, by its very nature, finite. But, can you really afford to overlook one of the fastest growing Social Networks out there?

Snapchat can be particularly useful to businesses and companies who are looking to appeal to and engage with younger people. You could use it to boost sales, making use of the limited nature of the network by providing exclusive discounts to your followers. Snapchat has also recently been tailored towards providing content for local users through the use of Geofilters. This gives you the option to send your promotion to nearby users.


Instagram has a community of over 400 million active accounts who use the network for visual stimulation and inspiration. The two things that set the network apart are that it’s users are often highly engaged, and that content has to be purely visual.

If your brand or are aspects of your business are visually stimulating then you should be using Instagram. The Social Network have their own tips and advice for businesses who are looking to start using it for themselves. Check that out here.

Alongside these prominent social networks, there are plenty of other small-scale and growing networks that could prove useful as time goes on. Our advice is to never dismiss a network without considering if and how it could be a good fit for your business.

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