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While it may not feel like writing is for all of us, we at Giraffe believe that if you have something to say about your industry you can and should be writing amazing content.

To get great results from your digital marketing, you need to be producing good content. Not only does it matter for your SEO to be producing amazing, engaging articles, content marketing is also a great way to pull users to your website through your social media pages. Written and marketed well, your words will draw more people to you and you will be noticed. There’s no point in having an opinion on something to do with your niche if you don’t share it with the rest of your industry.

However, none of this alters the fact that it can be difficult to get going with content writing - so if you’re struggling to put pen to paper (or, as the case may be, digits to keyboard) we’ve thrown together our list on content writing secrets to help get you started with producing awesome content.

It’s all about the angles.

Always try and find an interesting and irresistible angle on current industry stories and data. You’ll find it is much easier to write endearing content subjectively than objectively, as that’s how we naturally talk.

Never underestimate the power of research…

A great researcher can always see the wood through the trees - but not all of us are blessed with great research skills. And for those of us who aren’t, research can be a proper bore. However, it’s the most important cornerstone if you want to make sure your content is built on great foundations.

Research will help you develop your idea, solidify your angle and get some great points to focus on. You’ll also have more chance of identify great sources which will make your content that much stronger. All it takes is a clear vision. Once you’ve dived in you may find that what you preliminarily thought was a great take on an idea has developed into something far superior.

Let your individuality shine

Your own voice is one of your best tools in making your content stand out. Don’t be afraid to let your individuality shine - web consumers are fickle beings and subconsciously glance over things that don’t seem to have any substance.

Strike the balance, split it up, make it pretty

This is a key point that you need to follow. Sadly if you have the ability to write a bestseller the only advantage you may have is a faster touch-type rate. The majority of web visitors are skim readers - they will often scroll through things and will need to see major points standing out; and for them to truly get stuck in, these need to be great.

For your content to be read you need to get your point across - the less jargon you use, the more accessible your content is. Write for every sector of your industry. And if you must use abbreviations, at least say what they mean. Split up your texts to short paragraphs with subheadings to get your points across. Make every one of these sections count. Using images and playing around with typography is a great way to break up your content and make it visually appealing. Don’t repeat yourself, don’t be passive and get personal. That means you need to address your audience - yes, you.

Win hearts with your first words

Your opening paragraph should be short, to the point and ultimately develop intrigue. Again, use typography to make this stand out - it’s practically advertising what is below to the consumer. This needs to drag them in, then every little section that follows needs to do the same to some extent.

You should spend a lot of time getting your first short paragraph right. Get your angle across, promise some individuality and in some cases pose a point. Ultimately, in the world of short-story/long-story, your first paragraph is the former, the rest of the article the latter.

Use discoverable keywords

You don’t need a diploma in SEO (search engine optimisation, fyi) to know what people are searching for in your industry. Answer the questions your potential audience will be asking. Use phrases and words that they will be looking for. The more helpful your content seems, the more discoverable it will be.

Your title is more important than your article

Get your title right and you are on to a winner. Titles should be a short forecast of your content that sheds light on what will be on the other side of that click. Don’t be clever - be obvious. Some title styles that seem to work include top 10s/secrets, answers to questions on why things are why they are and how-tos.

It’s not finished when it’s finished.

Every little bit of content you write should be edited and proofed, preferably by a colleague or peer who has an insight into the subject. Don’t go throwing un-proofed content willy-nilly onto the web as small grammatical errors and over-indulgences that seem small to us can stand out a mile away to other readers.

The reason we are so passionate about Content is we know the difference it can make to both your Digital Marketing and Social Media - and we don’t think anybody deserves to be missing out.

One of the biggest hurdles to getting started is the common feeling that your point of view really doesn't matter. Ignore that niggling feeling - it does matter, it matters oodles.

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