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Who are the Top 10 Sports People On Social Media?

Since the rapid growth of social media in the last half decade, there has been a plethora of sports personalities that have looked to engage with their fans online. But what makes a good online sports personality? Why should you follow them, like them or add them to your circles? Is it someone that is a little bit controversial, someone humorous, or somebody that shares what their everyday life is really like?

Some sports people take to the online gauntlet in order to clarify stories that have been, in their eyes, misinterpreted by the media. Joey Barton, an ex Queens Park Rangers player is one of many football players to take to Twitter to communicate his opinions. It has often left him in hot water, with the FA having punished him in the past for unprofessional comments. Alas, he seems determined to continue his controversial remarks and for this reason he is an amusing, yet under everything extremely intelligent individual, and this is what makes him incredibly appealing.

Perhaps an athlete that takes to their social media profiles to promote competitions and share pictures is what you are looking for. One excellent example of someone who does this is Cristiano Ronaldo, the most liked football player on Facebook and the most followed athlete on Twitter. He tweets in Spanish and English, offering regular competitions to win an array of goodies, including match tickets and signed memorabilia.

An insight into the lives off of the pitch or court is what many individuals look for when associating themselves with their sports heroes online. Some of the most scrutinised athletes such as Serena Williams, Lebron James, and Mike Tyson often post pictures on both Twitter and Instagram, giving us the audience a look into their personal lives. It is a cool way for them to interact with their fans on a more personal level and for this reason they are well worth looking out for on the internet.

Despite the fact it isn’t the first sport in this country, there are three particular wrestlers across all of the social networks that i consider to be in the top ten sports people online. Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), John Cena and Michael Hickenbottom (Shawn Michaels) all heavily engage with their fans online. In my eyes they also offer something a little different, which is the ability to inspire through motivational quotes both from themselves and other pages that people can then also engage with. You don’t have to enjoy wrestling to enjoy these profiles and that is what makes them so great. On the other hand, if you grew up watching them as i did, they are still as appealing as ever, and this is why i have included them in my top ten sports personalities on the web.

Another two sports people that are a particular favourite online are Rory McIlroy and Ian Poulter. Not only do they constantly keep us updated on what they are doing on Twitter, but they take the time to post on Facebook as well. In addition to this, they interact with players of other sports, with Ian Poulter being particularly outspoken of his love for Arsenal Football Club, often engaging in ‘banter’ with Rio Ferdinand of Manchester United. This makes both individuals extremely interesting to keep tabs on and thus, you should include them in your online interests.

This is not a perfect list for everyone,  many of us will have various views on what constitutes the ‘best’ sports profiles online. However this, I believe, is a fantastic place to start as each star has a diverse set of qualities that make them all appealing.

By Content Assistant Bradley Gavin – @BradleyGavin

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