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Five Brands With Great Vine Accounts

five brands with great vine accounts

Vine has expanded from a social network for sharing funny videos with your friends, to a great marketing platform for a wide variety of businesses. Creativity and relevance is key and if you can make viewers laugh then that’s an added bonus.

While six seconds isn’t quite enough time to really sell a specific product, if you can demand attention on one of the fastest moving social networks online, then you’re definitely doing something right.

These 5 brands have mastered Vine:

1. Urban Outfitters

This cool and alternative clothing company was bound to have a big following to begin with as their main consumers are of the younger generation. With a following close to 100,000, they have certainly lived up to expectations. With a mix of ‘behind the scenes’ of photo shoots, ‘how to’ videos, gig clips and the perfect way to arrange an ideal Urban Outfitter’s-filled room, there is something for every consumer.

The mix of videos keep people interested and make sure that they don’t get too redundant. Companies looking for a way to sell a product in a fun and different way should definitely take notice of Urban Outfitters marketing choices.

2. Samsung

Despite having over 10 accounts, for different countries and different products, Samsung Mobile and Samsung Mobile US have got it right when it comes to Vine. The videos definitely take more than six seconds to create and are filled with cartoons, cutouts and usually something popping straight out of a phone and into real life.

Each video shows something that either their phones or tablets do, but without any talking and always in a creative fashion, which definitely makes you stop and think what you could be creating with one of their phones.

3. Oreo

With an iconic cookie like Oreo, the problem isn’t showcasing the product, but doing it in a fun and different way. The creative videos show different ways of eating the much loved cookie as well as using them in funny and unusual situations.

The #OreoHorrorStories were especially popular and #OreoSnackHacks make my mouth water for a bite of an Oreo, as well as the 500 people and more who normally like and re-vine them.

4. Disney Parks

While there is no shortage of exciting things to film at a Disney Park, their vines go beyond the fireworks. As well as some creative, stop motion videos around the park, Disney makes an effort to get their followers involved, which is what Vine is really all about.

Their #DisneySideContest challenged Viners to create videos showing their Disney side and each day a winner won $1,000 and the grand prize winner won $10,000 and a trip to the Disney Park. This campaign got hundreds of people basically making free adverts for the Disney brand and is a quick and easy way to get people involved.

5. Topshop

While some of their audience may overlap with the followers of Urban Outfitters, Topshop approach presenting their brand in a different way.With a mix of tutorials, celebrities, beautiful models and background footage from photo shoots and fashion shows, followers get an enriched insight into the creative showcase of their products.

The Vine gives followers what feels like an exclusive look into the runnings of this major company, despite that the videos are broadcast to almost 40,000 followers.

While comedy, pranks and art tend to rule on Vine, brands such as these are using their imagination to make a name for themselves on one of the most prominent social media sites of today.

By content assistant – Taylor Fleischner

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