Vine’s First Film Competition

tribeca-film-festival-2013I guess it was a matter of time until there was a film competition using Vine, and quite right too! We love a bit of Vine here at Giraffe!  We're also big movie fans, I actually studied Film at degree level!  Believe it or not!  So yeah, every year Tribeca holds an awesome film festival in the Tribeca are of Manhattan.

This year they challenged users of the new video app, Vine, to create six seconds videos with a beginning, middle and end.  That's got to be difficult.  They made it free to submit and over 400 people have done just that!  Head over to the Tribeca website to see some of the best entries.

I think it's brilliant that social media is being embraced so extensively by the board at the Tribeca film festival.  Do you think you could do better than some of these efforts?

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