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Could this One Secret Facebook Feature get you more Likes?

Have you ever wanted to visit a brand’s Facebook page but not been able to because you have to “Like” it first? I know I have on numerous occasions. A Like-gate does exactly what it says on the tin, it gates the page so that you have to “Like” it to gain any access to the content you want to view.


There are many advantages to a Like-gate, one being that a brand can collect a large number of likes for their business page. This is due to the fact that consumers who want to see their content are usually happy to like them first in order to do so. This gives businesses an idea as to how many consumers want to access their page and in the process how many are likely to become loyal customers, perhaps even advocates (through sharing and so forth). However, it does completely depend on your social media strategy and objectives. What do you want from your Facebook page? What do you want from Social Media? For example, if all you’re company cares about is numbers, it is a sure fire way to give them what they want but if you’re looking for engagement, the number of likes means very little if there is no two way communication. One big disadvantage to a Facebook Like-gate is that it can discourage a consumer to want to interact with your brand as there is not a great motivation to do so. In essence, they are probably not going to be persuaded to “Like” the page. Additionally, in terms of brand awareness, it is hard to see how a Facebook Like-gate would be able to generate the level of awareness you would need to create a buzz and encourage positive word of mouth. 

That’s the secret really – if your strategy is aligned with your objectives you may be able to get a Facebook Like-gate to work for you. However, the majority of small businesses are commonly looking to create word of mouth and a Facebook Like-gate will not encourage that “have you heard of” conversation.

It has been suggested that there is a way to make a Like-gate work for you, and that’s by means of an incentive. The thinking behind this is that you have to give the consumer a reason to like your page.  This may be the opportunity to win a new iPad or a sneak peek at your new product so that they can see exactly what’s in it for them. This method is touch-and-go as there is never a certain outcome and sometimes it can be more costly than it is actually worth.

So is a Facebook Like-gate worth it? Possibly. As mentioned above, you have to consider your objectives and what you want out of social media in order for you to consider a Like-gate’s worth. However, I know one thing and that’s if your goals are engagement and brand awareness it probably won’t work for you.

Content Assistant – Stephanie Balsom-Eynon – @sbalsomeynon


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