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What is BitStrips?


Another viral phenomenon is sweeping across Facebook and it isn’t pictures of Giraffe (although that’s great too). 

Let’s be frank, comics are now for the die-hard enthusiasts and are rarely seen on supermarket and newsagent shelves. But would you read a comic strip that starred you and your friends? BitStrip lets you, and it must be said, it’s kinda cool.

BitStrips is an app that you connect to Facebook, where you create your own personal (strikingly similar) avatars for use in comic strips. You dictate which kind of comic strip you would like to place yourself in, such as on holiday,  enjoying a romantic meal with your girlfriend’s avatar (if you’re that way inclined) or clubbing with a friend. To be honest, there are so many quirky themes, that it is well worth downloading just to see what it’s all about.

The customisation doesn’t stop there either, you can add speech bubbles and change the facial expression of your avatars. All of the BitStrips have a caption that is unchangeable, but that doesn’t bother us too much as they’re quite funny anyway. The case could also be made that if you allowed users to change the caption to their own taste, you’ll soon find a number of inappropriate, rude BitStrips on your Facebook news feed.

2013-10-23_1352 EricBitstrip-630x544  



So is it any good?

In truth, it’s a little bit buggy at the moment. Images often take forever to load and if the servers are rammed, you get a general “comic servers overloaded. Please try again soon” message in its place. You also can’t save your BitStrips to your camera roll, at least not without taking a screen shot. 

All of this aside, it’s great! The BitStrips are funny, personal and it’s superb for procrastination. Not that we advocate that ;).

By Social Media Manager – Bradley Gavin – @BradGiraffeSM

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