What is Shazam?

Shazam is there for you when you need it the most, at just the click of a button. It’s so good, that it is one of the top ten most downloaded apps on iTunes App Store. Ever feel irritated when listening to a song and you know the lyrics or beat but are unsure of much else? The name of the artist you just can’t remember, than Shazam is there for you!

The main feature of the free app is that it is a music identification service. All you need to do is simply download it onto your mobile device, iPad and many more devices such as Blackberry phones and than the fun begins with your new best friend. The app uses your built in microphone to gather some of the song being played. So just wave your phone in the air, it doesn’t matter essentially if the music is right in your ear or a bit further away as the app will try its hardest to find the information just for you! Shazam searches until it can identify the song and if a match is found you will be provided with all the information you could need, such as artist, song title and album, the type of things which are easily forgotten by the brain! The clever app then stores all the songs you have searched for under ‘My Tags’ so if your memory plays the same trick again, then Shazam is there for you once more, just to keep reminding you. It also allows a preview of the song you have been racking your brain for, keeping those dancing shoes on at all times.

The app also connects itself to other essential apps when it comes to music circuit such as iTunes, Youtube, Spotify this therefore keeps you inside the loop of the best music programmes, the funniest and most exciting place to be where you just cant stop popping your head and bringing out the classic Dad dancing techniques.

Wait, Shazam doesn’t stop there, it’s also there to share and explore not only the music you love, but TV shows and ads. Although music is the essential birth place of Shazam, it has now moved on to incorporate other fun filled media.

The app is so successful that nearly every week roughly 2 million inquisitive people invest in Shazam, so why would you want to miss out?

 Rebecca Howell - Social Media Content Assistant @beckihowell

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