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What is SocialBakers?

SocialBakers is a user-friendly social media analytics platform, which provides a leading global solution that allows brands to measure, compare, and contrast the success of their social media campaigns with competitive intelligence.

Since 2009 SocialBakers has continuously developed its product, allowing companies to measure and maximize the effectiveness of their social marketing campaigns across all the major social networks. SocialBakers employs more than 160 highly trained staff members, dedicated to serving more than 1000 clients in more than 75 countries.

Defined by rapid product innovation and relentless dedication to customer success, SocialBakers is closely connected with key social media channels and digital companies, such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+. With easy to use graphical reporting, SocialBakers is the only analytics platform that provides global industry benchmarking and local categorisation in social media.

Recognising the utility of SocialBakers’ products, Facebook has awarded SocialBakers 3 Preferred Marketing Developer badges.

“With more than one fifth of Global Fortune 500 companies using our social analytics platform, SocialBakers empowers our global client base to compare their social media performance to competitors and industry standards. In addition, our clients are able to magnify the tangible returns of their social efforts and measure the effectiveness of individual campaigns.”

CEO, Jan Rezab


The Mission

SocialBakers is at the forefront of the social media marketing industry. Their current success would not have been possible without award winning staff and dedication to the principles in which SocialBakers was founded:

  • Basic Rules and Values: Respect for the individual, quality service for customers, strive for excellence.
  • Drive Business: Empowering companies to expand their social marketing success with cutting edge technologies.
  • Available: All staff is readily accessible to solve any business issue at hand. We are obligated and proud of our friendly customer service.
  • Customisable: Not every business has the same strategies and objectives. All products will offer adjustable features to fit the needs of clients in varying industries.
  • Corporate Responsibility: Dedicated to improving the world we live in. Ethical values are deeply ingrained in every decision we make.
  • Client Approach: We understand our clients’ needs and provide them with the guidance to execute successful social media campaigns.


So, what tools are on offer?


  • Competitive Intelligence & Social Media Measurement – Social media monitoring, tracking and reporting of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube used for B2B marketing purposes has never been easier than with custom Analytics tool.


  • Intelligent Content Management To Drive Social Success – Builder is a content management platform that helps marketers increase social media efficiency. With Builder’s real-time competitive analysis, performance reporting, and collaborative workflow, you will maintain total control of social publishing. Spend less time on administrative tasks, and have more time for creating engaging content.


  • Monitor, Analyse & Engage! – Listening lets you monitor conversations across Facebook and Twitter in real-time and performs detailed, exportable analyses of conversations by keywords and across multiple social media platforms.


  • Powerful Facebook Ad Analytics & Ad Management Tool – Find out how you are performing in the social ad space compared to your competitors. Less money, less time & manage more ads in seconds. Ad Analytics is the perfect choice for agencies and departments dedicated to social advertising.

By Content Assistant – Jack Cooper – @coop_Attack

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