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What is Twitter #Music?

Earlier this month, Twitter launched it’s new service: Twitter #Music.

Twitter #Music is a standalone app that helps users discover new music. There is an algorithm in place that looks at which artist accounts you follow, amongst other things, that allows the app to generate some pretty decent results.

The service is simple to use. Upon loading the app, you are taken to a landing page of current popular tunes, which is populated by songs that are receiving most attention on Twitter. From here, you can swipe horizontally will show you the suggested tracks that you might like and then one more swipe will bring you to the music tastes of the accounts you follow.

So where does the music come from? Well, it is supplied by musical aficionados; iTunes, Spotify and Rdio – meaning the selection is endless! Twitter claim that this will become the new way that people discover music, and a lot of the positive reviews that we’ve read so far would suggest it is going to be a successful application.

Have you tried Twitter #Music yet?

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