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What Makes a Giraffe so Awesome?

What makes a Giraffe so awesome?

Giraffes are incredible creatures – ones that we are honoured to share a name with! Here’s why…

Firstly, did you know that at six metres tall the Giraffe is the world’s tallest animal? Their scientific name is Giraffa camelopardalis and their first experience of life usually consists of a nice, sharp two meter drop to the ground! (Females opt for ‘standing’ in childbirth… cheers Mum.)

Giraffe are also excellent diplomats! Males and Females tend to eat from different parts of a tree to ensure that the sexes do not ever have to compete for their food; and every time they lift their huge necks, they effectively bench 550 pounds! That’s like picking up a Baby Grand Piano weighing approximately 240kgs every time you lift your head

In short ladies and gentlemen, Giraffe are the diplomatic, spotted Schwarzeneggers of the Sahara and they must be protected.

Giraffe preservation work

Although Giraffe are currently listed on the ‘ICUN Red List of Threatened Species’ as of ‘Least concern’, the next step on the list is ‘Near Threatened and it is generally accepted that their population is declining (in 2008 just 100, 000 individuals were recorded). In light of this, several  projects designed to sustain Giraffe preservation are already well and truly underway, supporting not just Giraffe, but all endangered and almost endangered species.

Our official partner The Giraffe Conservation Foundation is doing amazing things to help sustain Giraffe populations and stabilise the ongoing conservation effort. You can support the foundation and stay up to date with their excellent work here:

Giraffe Conservation Foundation

Giraffes are awesome and deserve to be appreciated!

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