How to celebrate Easter in the Office

How to celebrate Easter in the office

We love a holiday at Giraffe. We want to encourage as many companies as possible to get celebrating pretty much everything that they can. Celebrating is the perfect way to get your workforce bonding, encourage team building, and the photos can make for some awesome content for your digital marketing...

Social Media is the ultimate way to get your brand looking human and interesting. Users are far more likely to follow, recommend or enlist the services of a company that look real and fun. Easter is the perfect opportunity to have some fun around the office. After all, you made it through the cold winter; you deserve it.

Easter is a great excuse to have a bit of fun around the office. Things are getting warmer, the sun has begun to remember it’s primary job as shiner and everybody starts to feel a little bit more jovial. Here are few ways you could get your colleagues embracing their inner-child

An Office Egg Hunt with a Twist

Let’s face it; most of us miss being able to go on an Easter egg hunt, so have an extra-special one of your own in the office. You can get really cheap plastic eggs from various craft stores; fill these with specially selected office perks such as “Doesn’t have to make the tea for a week” or “Coupon for one free lunch on the boss!” Please note; you may want to check with the boss first.

Social Media Tip: Get some photos of your staff with their baskets full of eggs and share them on Facebook. If you’ve really embraced the whole Employee Advocacy on Social Media thing, tag them all - this will help to hugely boost your post reach and engagement rate!

Go Full-blown Faberge

If you have an office full of creative types (or even more so if you don’t) why not spend an afternoon reliving those days at school when you painted eggs? You could even go with a theme that represents your company - we’re likely to go with Social Networks. Blowing-out eggs is much easier than you think, but if you have a big office or just can’t be bothered, many craft stores sell polystyrene eggs that are perfect for painting.

Social Media Tip: Share photos of everyone’s egg-fforts (egg efforts, sorry) across your Social Networking accounts and get your followers to vote for their favourites!

Easter Bake-off

It’s a fact universally renowned that everybody loves cake. There’s something tremendously transformative about the existence of a victoria sponge in the workplace. Alongside being the perfect accessory to tea or coffee, cake is perfect enjoyed on it’s own. It also helps makes the office look more homely. It smells good. Did I mention it tastes nice? Cake. Yes cake can do wonders regardless of the season, and Easter should be no exception. Being a holiday that has become of chocolate and sweet treats, an office Easter Bake-off is a no-brainer. If you really want to go with the season, you could always make an edible Easter bonnet.

Social Media Tip: Create a new Pinterest board especially for all of your Office baking efforts and encourage foodies to share. Food also does awesomely well on Instagram - get hashtagging!

Let your Easter-magination Run Wild

However you end up celebrating Easter in your office, do it your way. There are plenty of things you can do over and above a little decoration and a few chocolate eggs lying around the place. From all of us at Giraffe Social Media, have a brilliant Easter!

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